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*,,SANTA <br />ANA-"Tffii <br />Plannlng & Building Agency <br />Building Salety Dlvision <br />20 Clvic Center Plaza <br />P.O. Box 1988 (M-19) <br />Santa Ana, CA 92702 <br />(714) 647-5800 <br /> <br />soL-01 CBC 2013 <br />solar Photovortaic (Pv) checkrist for Detached sTNGLE FAMTLy RESTDENCES onry <br />lnstructions: The licensed contractor of record shall com pl ete all sections, answer the ten questions a nd <br />,ofsign the certification section below. A copy of lhis form s ha ll be attached to each of TWO sets of plansminimum 1 1" x 17" size n toa the s lan eck s U <br />Projecl Address:1725W.7TH ST, SANTA ANA, CA 92703 <br />Conlractor Company Name: <br />Contractor License Number: <br />SOUTHWEST SUN SOLAR, INC <br />"t004667 <br />YES NO6p Are lhe following appllcable to the proposed projecl? <br />Will the PV system layoul provide the required three_fool wide clear access pathways <br />per Section 605.'l 1 of the Catifomia Fire Code, and is this shown on the rool plan? <br />Will tho PV system be installsd on a roof having only one roofing layer with no <br />ovedays? <br />Will the PV anay be flush mounted lo the existing roof so that lhe ptane of the <br />modules (panels) are parallel lo the plan€ of ths roof? <br />Will the PV system weigh maximum 4 pounds per square feet or less? <br />Will the PV system be inslalled where lh€ modules do not overhang any roof edges <br />(such as eaves, gabted ends, ridges and hips)? <br />Will the PV system be inslalled with a space of 2, minimum to 10" maximum belween <br />the underside of modules and the surface of the roof? <br />Will the PV system be installed \rithout using any ballast syslem or counter-weight <br />system? <br />Will the anchors be installed with a maximum horizontal anchor spacing ol 6 feet <br />and is this maximum horizontal spacjng shown on the plans? <br />Will the minimum 5/16' hg screws be installed with a minimum of Z-112 inch <br />embedmenl into rool raflers (with pre{rilled holes) and is this minimum embedmentshown on the plans? <br />2 Etr <br />ED3 <br />4. <br />5. <br />6. <br />Etr&o <br />7 <br />81 tr <br />atr <br />gtr <br />Ertr9 <br />10 Etr Are ALL the structural pages ofthe plans WET stamped and s igned by a California <br />licensed professional engineer? (includi ng project specific site plan, pV layout,anchorage spacing, anchorage details and manufacturer's pV support information <br />I certify under penalty of perrury under the laws of the State of Calitornia <br />print Name: TRANG CONG PHAM Signature: <br />Dale:Phone Number: 714 592 3g0g <br />Emait Address: pERMtT@SOUTHWESTSUNSOLAR.COM <br />Rev Ah712015 <br />above is true: <br />RESIDENTIAL <br />PHOTOVOLTAIC <br />CHECKLIST