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L <br />City nf Santa Ana 20 civic Center Plaza (M-19), santa Ana, cAg27o2 Building <br />Permit Counter: (714)647-5800 lnspection Requests: (714) 667-2738 lnspector Section: (714) 647-5853 <br />Permit #: 101102477 <br />Pin #: 4353 <br />Project Address: 1925 E Kemoer Ave <br />Assessor's Parcel:390-542-14 Lot: 33 <br />Bldg Address Range:Suite Range: <br />Zoning: RlTracl 6530 Historic No <br />Buildrng Use Single Family Dwelling Occupancy. R-3, U l st FL Area Palro <br />Job Type: Reroof Constr Type V B 2nd FL Area T lArea <br />Natureof Work. Reroof Code. cBc 2016 other Areas yards Req,d <br />Existing Bldg & Use. SFD w/ att garage Flood Zone X-0602320164J Garage Area Valuation: $10,000.00 <br />Proposed Use: # ol Stories: Total .:, :r. , <br />. <br />Description of Work: T/O existing roof and install new comp shingles to SFD with attached garage. Replace sh.bathing/plywood as heedgd. liland ofrf <br />given. ...:,,. 1. . <br />'Planning Conditions: <br />O\ 4er: <br />Address <br />Phonel <br />Tenant <br />James Bosley <br />1925 KEMPER AVE <br />Santa Ana, CA 927056831 <br />(714l.23'.t-5932 <br />Contractor: CertitiedRoofingSpecialist! <br />Address: 9281 Larkspur Dr <br />Westminster, CA 92683 <br />Phone: (714) 668-0757 <br />State Lic #: 956843 <br />Lic Type: C-39 <br />Bus Lic #: 337515 <br />Workers' Compensalion lnsurance. <br />Carrier: State Compensation lnsurance Fur <br />Policy #: 1949902 <br />Expires. 1A01|2O2O <br />Engineer <br />Address <br />Phone <br />Lrcense f <br />Phone <br />License # <br />Planning Approval Byl <br />Plan Checked By: <br />Permit lssued Byl <br />NPDES lnsp. Req'dl <br />PWA lnsp Req'd: <br />Planning lnsp. Req'd: <br />Landscaping lnsp. Req'd <br />Graham. Jetferv\1 <br />Zuniga. Allissa \' <br />Date: 12l09r2019 <br />Dale <br />Date: lZ09l2019 <br />Subject to Field: <br />Misc Receipt <br />Misc Receipt <br />Misc Receipt <br />Permit Fee <br />Microfilm Records <br />Eldg Stds. Revolving <br />General Plan Updale <br />lssuance <br />Flood Zone Cerl. Req'd: No <br />Every permt issued shall becomo tnvaltd unless t ,e woak o, lro s/le authorized by <br />such pemit is cornmenced wilhin360 days aftot its issuance.ot if the wod< authoized <br />on the sile bi such perait 6 suspendecl or obandoned tot a ponod of 360 days 1fiet <br />the hme tho work $ commenced <br />lnspector MID#: 2019-156379 <br />07776002 <br />o17 7600 2 <br />077 7600 2 <br />0777 50 0 2 <br />0777 600 2 <br />5760 7 <br />57770 <br />5 7672 <br />57600 <br />57607 <br />$333.06 <br />$3.91 <br />$1.00 <br />$22.95 <br />$57.20 <br />Fee Totat <br />Paid to Date: <br />Balance Oue: <br />No <br />No <br />No <br />No <br />Fire lnsp. Req'd: <br />Police Insp Req'd <br />No <br />No Acco unt#Total <br />01 116002 51600 <br />01116002 sl601 <br />01116002 5 t612 <br />0r116002 57770 <br />$22.95 <br />$390 26 <br />$1.00 <br />$3.91 $418. 12 <br />$0 00 <br />$418. t 2 <br />Unil <br />Block: NA <br />Archilecl / <br />Desiqner: <br />Address: <br />Generol Pl(tn updqte Fee <br />r:rl 1 I 6U{12- I I 6r:I:r[fl:,r:r- <br />gu i ld ins <br />0l t160cr2- ll601rr0r1- <br />P,l ds Stds Revolv ins <br />{11 1600?- 5161?rir:I:r- <br />n icrof i 1i d Docufientg <br />0 I I l60112- 5777rltr(r0- <br />V isa <br />CCI : *r*rr*rrrr*x8912 Auth+:r:r719ll