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5. The regular soil fill materials generally' consisted of mixture of yellowish brown and <br />grey/dark grey silty fine sand and clay. were placed in thin lifts. added water by using <br />a water hose, and compacted by using a Bobcat. <br />Conclusion: The demolition and backfilling of the pre-existing swimming pool is <br />considered geotechnically acceptable and suitable for the intended use for landscaping <br />purposes. <br />Note: Ifa structural object such as a room addition/ADU is to be constructed at or near <br />the su'imming poot backfill area in the future. a quatified geotechnical engineer should be <br />consulted for provision of geotechnical recommendations for foundation design. <br />Very truly yours, <br />r.'- <br />Lan N. Pham. P.E. <br />Chief Geotechnical Engineer <br />RGE 686. exp.03131l21 <br />I ROFT <br />5 <br />0F CALII <br />If you have any questions or required clarification. please contact this office. This <br />opportunity to be of service is sincerely appreciated. <br />{_