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IL*, <br />Inc. <br />April 16, 2019 <br />Amir Aznavian <br />25072 Adelanto Drive <br />Laguna Hills, CA 92677 <br />Subject: Report of Summarized Field and Laboratory Compaction Test Results <br />for Swimming Pool Abandonment at 4226 West Kent Avenue, Santa <br />Ana, CA <br />HGEI Proiect No. 19-O3-38O1 <br />Dear Mr. Aznavian: <br />Imported fill material placed in the above-referenced swimming pool has been tested by a <br />member of our staff as requested. This report summarizes the results of field and laboratory <br />tests which were performed periodically on February 27 thru April 4,2019. Prior to backfilling <br />the pool shell was provided with drainage consisting of (5) small sections removed in the pool <br />shell bottom and the area filled with open graded gravel with a geotextile fabric on top of the <br />gravel prior to soil placement. The former pool varied in depth from 2-8 feet. <br />Backfill Placement & Compaction <br />The former pool was located in the rear yard of the existing property as shown on the attached <br />plan, made from google maps, Plate A. <br />Laboratory & Field Testing <br />Fill material consisting of import soil was tested in our laboratory for maximum dry <br />density/optimum moisture content. The result of the test is summarized in the attached Table <br />1. <br />Field density testing was performed using the Nuclear Gauge Method (ASTM Test Method <br />D6938) during our site visits and were compared to the laboratory maximum dry density to <br />determine the relative compaction of the backfill material during compaction. All density tests <br />resulted in compaction of at least 85 percent. Broken pieces of the pool shell was incorporated <br />into the fill which was mixed with the import soil. Random probing of the soils was done to <br />verifo uniformity of the backfill being compacted. The test results are summarized in the <br />attached Table 2. <br />1590 N. Brian Street, Orange, CA 92867-3406 FAx (714) 637-3096 PHONE (714) 637-3093 <br />Please visit our website at www.haninotono@tedni@1.@m