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-,-SANTA <br />NA,',i[]fi <br />Planning & Building Agency <br />Bualding Safety Division <br />20 Civic Genter Plaza <br />P.O. Box 1988 (M-i9) <br />Santa Ana, CA 92702 <br />(714) 647-5853 <br />SPECIAL INSPECTION/COMPLAINT <br />INVESTIGATION FORM <br />SUBJECTADDRESS: 5 A aC <br />@ <br />mo-t <br />oov <br />maa <br />X Residential tl Commercial/lndustrial <br />Purpose of lnspection <br />Requested by: D Owner ! Contrector ! Real Estate Agent <br />-Name: Bult-olZa a,z,/137Lu.--n a N / a , <br />/ott",\ <br />9Z-<t7 ,7rrrg, k. tRu,'r6 <f ?z-Zll,-Address <br />-..-Phone:7/q SO tr./A 9q e/4?1; 7-6yta@-6utatleMsr6,. (a.^- <br />ACTION TAKEN <br />INSTRUCTIONS <br />tr None Required (Conection Notice <br />XoK subject to Fieu(tHi) .lPlan check Required(ld.a'^-J I,,r}rrt hc/*) <br />PERMITS REQUIRED <br />PLANS REQUIRED: <br />N Buirdin(?) <br />(sit" et"n <br />ffElectrical EPlumbing XMechanical <br />XFloor Plan ! Roof Plan n Elevations <br />tr Elect. Plan D Plumbing D Mechanical <br />FEES: (Regular Fees ! Penatty Fee ! lnvestigation Fee <br />NOTE: Building Permits for unpermitted room additions roquire a slte plan, floor <br />plan, roof plan, framing plan, and elevations <br />Remarks: PitE D..^t+l.E At J'!.F€b ,g(r'vg 1u t,n,rT A, ot< -f?) rctoE hg,^.L/y,/o^./ <br />fetJ"rt7- furL tAdrbE-U C@,,v+t t<at ty',\ovkt o( P -/db DEiEB. 0t< H,ittcY Yn <br />teLb IL lLo/r',b ,-/^ d /d <br />hectLA.llt*L pLt^ t>S t/tLt [E ftf6rlh.F1, tLx* c*&.k Jr(]gcr- )t Cr\Y <br />tltt,^'v*6 ou f;<\ft-r.1- ar t)'t"cturt+L /)A1*ftf Na}€b t^t F,6/,,tPIa o,E <br />caLb', ntlUln <br />oate: {*2-11 rimern: 1:l1frrh. <br />Time <br />Departed:ld:[5 l.h. tnspector/lD <br />lnspector Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 4:00 - 4:30 PM and Friday 3:00 - 3:30 PM <br />Permils may be obtained lrronday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8:00 - 4:00tWednesday 10100 - 4:00 <br />Received by: <br />Address tagged by <br />Receipt #: <br />Date: 8- 2-\<.7 <br />Distribulion: White & Yellow- lnspector Pink-FileCopy <br />SUITE: <br />(nc <br />=m <br />Tracking #: <br />Office Use <br />Amount Paid: -4, <br />Date: