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Un[r ]A <br />Block: NA <br />Bldg: <br />Tract NA <br />Address Range: 511-519* <br />Historic: No <br />Suite Range: <br />Zoning: R2LoI NA <br />City of Santa Ana 20 Civic Center Plaza (M-19), Santa Ana, CA127O2 Plumbing <br />Permit Counter: (714) 647-5800 lnspection Requests: (714) 667-2738 lnspector Section: (714) 647-5853 <br />Permit #: 3()14125A <br />Pin #: 95f 7$ <br />Owner: <br />Address <br />Contractor <br />Address: <br />Phone <br />Tenant Name: <br />Wilson Lai <br />5ll S Jackson St Unitl A <br />Santa Ana, CA 92704 <br />(714) 725-6495 <br />Buildpro Construction lnc d <br />9201 lrvine Blvd <br />lrvino, CA 92618 <br />(7r4) 308.0694 <br />01116002 <br />01 1 't 6002 <br />01 116002 <br />01116002 <br />01 1 16002 <br />51602 <br />51602 <br />51602 <br />5160C <br />51602 <br />Amount <br />14 78 <br />23.12 <br />13.20 <br />22.95 <br />57 .20 <br />Foe <br />$44.34 <br />$46.24 <br />$52.80 <br />$22.95 <br />$57.20 <br />Fee Type <br />Water Closel <br />Shower/Bathtub <br />Sink <br />General Plan Update <br />lssuance <br />Qty <br />3.00 <br />2.OO <br />400 <br />1.00 <br />1 .00 <br />Phone <br />State Lic r: 1038887 <br />Lic Typer C-36, B, C-15 <br />Bus. Lic #: 373525 <br />Workers' Compensalion lnsuranc€:ilarier: Everort Net'l ln3 <br />Policy #: 76m018459191 <br />r LExpires: O1lO3l2O2O <br />Botchg151626 - 3/22/?019 I0: nPIIIEDAfI <br />., <br />Brrr ldpro (]onslruction Inc dbo <br />off ice: CTYH Tronsa: 59Acctir Ref+3 301 <br />Rcptizlt?721ll7 - $/22/2OL9 3rs <br />Trcnsoct ion Totol llr4 <br />3o <br />1125IPfl <br />12.7 <br />Genenol Plon Uodote Fee <br />(r111600:- 5160|'1000- <br />Plurbins <br />01116002- 516U2U0(r- <br />ICL Check 005166 <br />t22.9 <br />t200.5 <br />11t112.7 <br />Building Usel <br />Job Type; <br />Nalure of Work: <br />Planning Conditions: <br />Planning Approval By <br />Plan Checked By: <br />Permit lssued By: <br />Subject to Field: <br />Building Permit #: <br />Duplex <br />Altgration <br />Repair Fire Damage <br />Occupancy: <br />Constr Type: <br />Code: <br />R-3, U <br />VB <br />cPc 2016 Noles Plumbing tor tire damage. <br />/" <br />zuniea,ArhssaM:l <br />e <br />e <br />e <br />Misc. Receipt: <br />Misc. Receiptl <br />Misc. Receipt: <br />Total <br />1 01 101 106 <br />Ewry peinil issued shall become nvahd unless lho wolr( o,t tho s/lo <br />authonzed by such penlit is commencocl withh 360 days aftot its <br />$suerrco. ot il tha wo aothonzed on the s/te by such pointt is susponded <br />oa abedonod lot a Nnod ol 360 days allea bto ttma tho wot* ts <br />lnspector MID#: 2019-153642 <br />o8t22t2019 <br />Account# <br />0'1116002 51600 <br />01116002 51602 <br />$22.95 <br />$200 58 <br />$223 53 <br />$0 00 <br />3223.53 <br />ProjectAddress: 511 S Jackson St <br />Assessor'sParcel 111-28114 <br />Fee Total <br />Paid lo Oate: <br />Balance Due: