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PLEASE CHECK ALL THAT APPLY TO YOUR PROJECT <br />JOB DESCRIPTION CHECKLIST: <br />U Additional square footage <br />El Awnings <br />U Canopy <br />El Card readers <br /> Ceiling work <br />U Change of occupancy (use) <br />U Disabled accessible (H/C) restrooms <br />U Dust collector <br />1 Elevator shaft <br />U Exterior doors or windows <br />E Equipment pads <br />U Interior demo <br />U Kitchen equipment <br />U Partition walls <br />U Rated corridors <br />U Rated shafts <br />U Roof mounted equipment <br />U Security bars <br />U Screening for equipment <br />U Skylights <br />U Stairs <br />U Storefronufacade improvements <br />U Storage racks or shelving over 5'-9" <br />U Walk-in coolers <br />r <br />ITEMS REQUIRING SEPARATE BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATIONS: <br />Block wall <br />Complete demo <br />Fence <br />Fire signaling system <br />Fire sprinklers <br />Flagpole <br />Lawn sprinkler system <br />Light Standards <br />Parking lot paving <br />Parking lot striping 61/7 <br />Pedestrian protection <br />Pool/Spa <br />Signs <br />Spray booth <br />Temporary power pole <br />Trash enclosure <br />If <br />7 7 11• 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1