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Lu <br />9.07kW DC ROOF MOUNTED PHOTOVOLTAIC ARRAY FOR THE DOAN RESIDENCE <br />General Notes Sheetlndex <br />1. ALL MATERIALS AND WORKMANSHIP SHALL CONFORM TO THE LATEST CALIFORNIA CODE OF REGULATIONS (CCR), NATIONAL <br />ELECTRICAL CODE EDITION AND ALL APPLICABLE LOCAL CODES AND REGULATIONS. (Construction shall comply with 2013 CBC, CMC, CPC, <br />CEC) <br />2. ALL PANELS, SWITCHES, ETC. SHALL HAVE SUFFICIENT GUTTER SPACE AND LUGS IN COMPLIANCE TO UL REQUIREMENTS TO <br />ACCOMMODATE CONDUCTORS SHOWN <br />PV1 Cover Sheet <br />PV2 Details <br />PV3 Roof Layout / Plan View <br />PV4 Single Line Diagram <br />PV5 Typical Signage <br />Cut Sheets <br />3. WHERE WIRE SIZES ARE INDICATED ON PLANS FOR INDIVIDUAL CIRCUITS, THE WIRE SIZE INDICATED SHALL APPLY TO THE ' <br />COMPLETE CIRCUIT, UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED.Spec Sheet - (37) Sunpower SPR-245NE-WHT-D Modules <br />Spec Sheet - (1) Power-One PVI-4.2-OUTD-S-US-A Inverter <br />4. CONTRACTOR SHALL EXTEND WIRING FROM ALL JUNCTION BOXES, SWITCHES, ETC. AND MAKE FINAL CONNECTIONS AS REQUIRED (1) Power-One PVI-3.8-OUT[)-S-US-A Inverter <br />TO ALL BUILDING EQUIPMENT REQUIRING ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS.Engineering Report <br />5. DRAWINGS AND DIAGRAMMIC AND INDICATE GENERAL ARRANGEMENT OF SYSTEMS AND WORK INCLUDED. FOLLOW DRAWING AND <br />LAYOUT WORK AND CHECK DRAWINGS OR OTHER TRADES RELATING TO WORK TO VERIFY SPACE IN WHICH WORK WILL BE <br />INSTALLED. MAINTAIN HEADROOM AND MINIMUM CODE REQUIRED WORKING CLEARANCES AT ALL TIMES. <br />6. ALL EXTERIOR ELECTRICAL DEVICES AND EQUIPMENT INCLUDING THOSE THAT ARE EXPOSED TO OUTSIDE ENVIRONMENT SHALL <br />BE WEATHERPROOF TYPE NEMA 3R <br />7. DISCONNECT SWITCHES SHALL BE MOUNTED ON INDIVIDUAL SUPPORTS, OR OTHERWISE DIRECTLY ON EQUIPMENT, PROVIDED NO <br />MODIFICATION TO EQUIPMENT IS NECESSARY. <br />8. ALL ELECTRICAL MATERIAL SHALL BE LISTED BY "UL" FOR THE TYPE OF APPLICATION AND "UL" LABEL SHALL APPEAR ON ALL <br />ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. <br />E <br />LU <br />Address:auoud <br />Design Criteria Planning Criteria <br />BUILDING CODE DATA APN #:412-521-42 <br />(E) Occupancy Group R-3 No. of Floors: 2 .C 9 <br />62 + 68 <br />(E) Type of Construction V-B 0' <br />(E) Sprinklers NO Eg@ gPANEL UPGRADE NEEDED? NO O 8.2 z <br />Z H w <br />Oolt O <br />8 <br />Ego60'0 - 0 <br />-- -- CD O ./ <br />21 <br />9. WIRING METHOD SHALL BE EMT ABOVE GROUND MOUNTED IN CONCEALED SPACES (UNLESS APPROVED OTHERWISE) AND <br />SCHEDULE- 40 PVC FOR BELOW GROUND INSTALLATION UNLESS NOTED OTHERWISE.Existing Single <br />10. AN OSHA APPROVED LADDER PROVIDING ACCESS TO ALL PORTIONS OF THE ARRAY SHALL BE SECURED IN PRIOR TO Family Residence <br />REQUESTING INSPECTION. · <br />11. SMOKE ALARMS AND CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS WILL MEET THE NECESSARY REQUIREMENTS PER CRC R314, R315 1 <br />12. UTILITY COMPANY WILL BE NOTIFIED PRIOR TO ACTIVATION OF THE SOLAR PV SYSTEM.i 9/ j <br />13. ALL EXTERIOR CONDUIT PAINTED TO MATCH EXTERIOR SURFACE. (IF APPLICABLE) <br />1 01 <br />14. NO PLUMBING, MECHANICAL OR BUILDING VENTS TO BE COVERED OR OFFSET AROUND ARRAYS -Solar Array <br />9,lank 4 Ki/'0*na,1 .1 El.,C'.1,0".AW <br />I , <br />t <br />l <br />C] <br />0 <br />0 <br />Revision/1 <br />GUY OF SANTA ANAuhJLJ <br />- . E.* A..fu.-2 - 01 I .0F.....I- 4 *,Sc-1 · . <br />f <br />-01 .- . i1 i .4.4, 0 <br />. 1 <br />E.le¢.1,=h.-2.-4-1 <g- Main Service Panel <br />I 1 :I .......EW.I.= <br />4, -W-P' 5_r WtdI•2.1 : ,?.1 - f Fd,4 5 "¢9-- 1 AC Disconnect <br />i ''*i 1 - :*353*Udz=ZE'- 1 -Sunrun Metera." =- a <br />. A.Subpanel54...."A .1/Inverters <br />„ 1 4/. <br />4-- - \2 ryle»0.- PCL'UL ' dk, t·LiW.cA- f : 1 WM,U4ell,0,·d . 1 -".I I r. ,de 1 8 <; 7\ . . 4 / 4li... .45Wk/*lie r <br />... fur <br />K -"24 <br />SIN.n, - <br />f <br />'»L Ce_ <br />ED <br />Driveway <br />60' <br />Q <br />John W,ne W Red Fox Rd/1 -1 7 <br />1 Project Doan <br />Sheet <br />05/21/2014 <br />Vicinity Map Site Plan 1} scale As Noted PV1 <br />Scale = NTS Plan North <br />Scale: NTS <br />Plan North Drawn <br />By JR / DA <br />- <br />\ 6%_a <br />Date <br />1