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+E#HANSEN. HOKAMA, STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS <br />City of Santa Ana <br />Department of Building & Safety <br />Santa Ana, CA <br />Subject <br />To Whom It May Concem: <br />I visited the subject site on April 15,2019 to observe the structural repairs <br />made to the fire damaged portion of the building and to determine if the <br />repairs were in general conformance with the structural repair plans <br />prepared by Hansen-Hokama Structural Engineers. Based on my site <br />observations the structural repairs are in general conformance with the <br />plans. The roof diaphragm nailing' the roof strapping, seismic wall ties <br />and addition of ledger bolts at the purlins were in general conformance <br />with the plans. Therefore, the roof may be covered with roofing material. <br />If you have any questions or comments please call. <br />Sincerel v,ENG <br />*sII <br />Final Structural Observation for the <br />Commercial Industrial Building at 1521 <br />Avenue, Units F, G & H, Santa Ana, CA. <br />Fire <br />E. <br />Damaged <br />McFadden <br />+ <br />do,l- <br />rs <br />R12017\17-2lE6.doc <br />I7671 IRVINL BI-VD . StJI'l tj l0l . TIISTIN. CA 92780 . l'El- (714) s73-0073 . F.^X (714) 573-0688 <br />April 15,2019 <br />Chris Hansen <br />Hansen.Hokama, Structural Engineers