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As used herein the following terms shall mean the following: <br />1. Electronic Submittal - shall mean the utilization of one or more of <br />the following: e-mail, internet or facsimile. <br />2. Solar easement - shall mean the right of receiving sunlight across <br />real property of another for any solar energy system. Any <br />instrument creating a solar easement shall include, at a minimum, <br />all of the following: <br />(1) A description of the dimensions of the easement <br />expressed in measurable terms, such as vertical or <br />horizontal angles measured in degrees, or the <br />hours of the day on specified dates during which <br />direct sunlight to a specified surface of a solar <br />collector, device, or structural design feature may <br />not be obstructed, or a combination of these <br />descriptions; <br />(2) The restrictions placed upon vegetation, <br />structures, and other objects that would impair or <br />obstruct the passage of sunlight through the <br />easement; and, <br />(3) The terms or conditions, if any, under which the <br />easement may be revised or terminated. <br />3. Solar energy system — shall mean either of the following: <br />(1) Any solar collector or other solar energy device <br />whose primary purpose is to provide for the <br />collection, storage, and distribution of solar energy <br />for space heating, space cooling, electric <br />generation, or for water heating. <br />(2) A structural design feature of a building, including <br />either of the following: <br />(A)Any design feature whose primary purpose is <br />to provide for the collection, storage, and <br />distribution of solar energy for electricity <br />generation, space heating or cooling, or for <br />water heating. <br />(B)Any photovoltaic device or technology that is <br />integrated into a building, including, but not <br />limited to, photovoltaic windows, siding, and <br />roofing shingles or tiles. <br />Ordinance No. NS -2950 <br />Page 2 of 5 <br />