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2018, the following proposed amendments to the City Charter shall be submitted to the <br />voters: <br />MEASURE :. REQUIRE BY -WARD NOMINATION AND <br />YES <br />ELECTION OF COUNCILMEMBERS, AND REDRAWING OF WARD <br />BOUNDARIES TO COMPLY WITH STATE AND FEDERAL LAW <br />Shall City of Santa Ana Charter sections 101.2 and 400 be amended <br />NO <br />requiring City Councilmember election from his or her residency ward <br />and only by registered voters of that ward, instead of City <br />Councilmember elections by registered voters of the entire City, with <br />ward boundaries to be drawn as required by law? <br />Section 7. The text of the Charter amendment to Charter sections 101.2 and 400 <br />to be submitted to the voters is attached as Exhibit A and incorporated by reference. <br />Section 8. The vote requirement for the measure to pass is a majority (50% + <br />1) of the votes cast. <br />Section 9. The City Clerk is hereby directed to transmit a copy of the measure set <br />forth in Section 2 above to the City Attorney, who shall prepare an impartial analysis of <br />the measure in accordance with Section 9280 of the Elections Code. The impartial <br />analysis shall include a statement indicating whether the measure was placed on the <br />ballot by a petition signed by the requisite number of voters or by the City Council. In <br />addition, the Clerk of the Council is directed to fix a deadline for submission of <br />arguments and rebuttals for or against the measure pursuant to Sections 9223 and <br />9285 of the Elections Code, the provisions of which are hereby adopted by the City <br />Council. <br />Section 10. This Resolution shall take effect immediately upon its adoption by the <br />City Council, and the Clerk of the Council shall attest to and certify the vote adopting <br />this Resolution. <br />ADOPTED this 17th day of July, 2018. <br />Resolution No. 2018-056 <br />Page 2 of 4 <br />