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(k) To manage the long-term use of the public right-of-way. <br />This Ordinance establishes standards for the siting, design, permitting, construction, <br />operation, inspection, maintenance, repair, modification, removal and replacement of <br />communications facilities in recognition of applicable state and federal law. <br />Sec. 33-231. - Definitions. <br />For the purpose of this Article, the following words or phrases are defined below: <br />(a) "Accessory equipment" means any equipment serving or being used as part <br />of a wireless facility that is not an antenna or a pole. This equipment <br />includes, but is not limited to, utility or transmission equipment, power <br />supplies, generators, batteries, cables, equipment buildings, cabinets, <br />storage sheds, shelters, vaults, or other structures. <br />(b) "Agency" means the City's Public Works Agency. <br />(c) "Antenna" means that part of a wireless facility designed to radiate or <br />receive radio frequency signals. <br />(d) "Base station" means the same as defined by the FCC in 47 C.F.R. § <br />1.40001(b)(1), as may be amended. <br />(e) "Cell on Wheels" or "COW" means a portable self-contained wireless facility <br />that can be moved to a location and set up to provide wireless services on a <br />temporary or emergency basis. A COW is normally vehicle -mounted and <br />contains a telescoping boom as the Antenna support structure. <br />(f) "Concealment Elements" means any of the following: <br />1. Radio Frequency transparent screening. <br />2. Approved, specific colors. <br />3. Minimizing the size of the site. <br />4. Integrating the installation into existing utility infrastructure. <br />5. Installing new infrastructure that matches existing infrastructure in <br />the area surrounding the proposed Site. <br />6. Controlling the installation location. <br />(g) "Director" means the Executive Director of the Public Works Agency or a <br />designee. <br />(h) "Distributed Antenna System" or "DAS" means a network of spatially <br />separated antennas (sometimes called "nodes") connected to a common <br />source (sometimes called a "hub") by a transport medium, such as fiber <br />optic cable, that provide wireless service within a specific geographic <br />area. This definition includes, without limitation, DAS owned by one <br />entity and shared by multiple providers. <br />(i) "Eligible facilities request" means an application that qualifies for <br />approval under the criteria set forth in Section 1455 of Title 47 of the <br />United States Code and 47 C.F.R. § 1.40001. <br />Ordinance No. NS -2954 <br />Page 3 of 20 <br />