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[Chapter 40]. Permitted commercial cannabis activities are listed in Land Use <br />Table 40-5 of this Chapter [Chapter 40]. <br />Enforcement Services — any and all services provided by City staff for the <br />prevention, detection, investigation and violations of the City's codes and <br />ordinances intended to prevent public nuisances or activities that are detrimental <br />to the health, safety and welfare of the community. <br />Medicinal/Medical Cannabis- shall have the same meaning as that set forth <br />in SAMC section 40-2(27) as may be periodically amended. At the time of <br />adoption of this Article, meaning cannabis or a product containing cannabis, <br />including, but not limited to, concentrates, and extractions, intended to be sold <br />for use by medicinal cannabis patients in California pursuant to the <br />Compassionate Use Act of 1996, found at Section 11362.5 of the California <br />Health and Safety Code. Medical cannabis retail is regulated by Chapter 18 and <br />Chapter 21 of the Santa Ana Municipal Code. <br />Operating Agreement- shall have the same meaning as that set forth in <br />SAMC section 40-1C as may be periodically amended. At the time of adoption <br />of this Article, meaning a legally binding written agreement between each <br />commercial cannabis business operator and the City, executed by the City <br />Manager, or his or her designee, and in a form or substance satisfactory to the <br />Executive Director of Planning and Building and the City Attorney, and containing <br />those provisions necessary to ensure that the requirements of this article are <br />satisfied. A distinct Commercial Cannabis Operating Agreement shall be <br />required for each location and type of commercial cannabis business activity <br />taking place at an approved Commercial Cannabis Business. <br />Youth Services- any and all services provided to residents of the City under <br />the age of 24 for athletic, recreational, health, educational, or human services, <br />directly by City staff or through partnerships with third parties. This may include <br />City facility improvements, maintenance and equipment needs related to youth <br />services. <br />Sec. 13-203. - Cannabis Revenue Funding. <br />A. Automatic Deposit of Cannabis Tax Revenues into the Cannabis Fund. <br />The Cannabis Fund shall be funded by an automatic deposit of one-third (1/3) of <br />all cannabis tax revenues generated each year for Enforcement Services and <br />one-third (1/3) of all cannabis tax revenues generated each year for Youth <br />Services, commencing with the Fiscal Year Budget for 2018-20 and continuing <br />thereafter in the budget for each Fiscal Year, from all of the following: 1) <br />Operating Agreements for Commercial Cannabis businesses and 2) Any newly <br />adopted Cannabis Business License Tax. For purposes of this subsection, in <br />addition to the descriptions provided directly above in this paragraph, the phrase <br />"cannabis tax revenues" means all revenues generated from any new or <br />increased cannabis tax which has been approved by the voters of the City on or <br />after the effective date of this Chapter and any increase of the cannabis tax <br />Ordinance No. NS -2959 <br />Page 2 of 4 <br />