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(1) Upon any private property; or <br />(2) Upon any public street, alley, sidewalk or thoroughfare; or <br />(3) In or upon any public park or other public place or property <br />except upon any school district property. <br />(b) The words "loud and raucous noise," as used herein, shall mean any <br />sound or any recording thereof when amplified or increased by any <br />electrical, mechanical or other device to such volume, intensity or <br />carrying power, such that it can be heard fifty (50) feet from the <br />location where the electrical, mechanical or other device is <br />amplifying the sound. <br />(c) The word "person" as used herein means any of the following: <br />(1) The owner(s) of record of the real property and/or location <br />where the party, gathering or event takes place. <br />(2) The person(s) in charge or purportedly in charge of the real <br />property and/or location where the event takes place. <br />(3) The person(s) authorizing the use of the real property and/or <br />location for the event except when a permit has been issued <br />by the City of Santa Ana. <br />(4) The person(s) who organized the event. <br />(5) The person(s) who is operating the electrical, mechanical or <br />other device amplifying the sound in the manner described in <br />subparagraph (b) above. <br />(6) If the person in charge of the premises from which the loud or <br />raucous noise originates is a minor, who resides with one or <br />more parents or legal guardian(s), then the parent(s) or legal <br />guardian(s) shall be deemed "person" within the meaning of <br />this section. <br />(d) The word "subsequent' means any and all occasions within a <br />calendar year (January 1 — December 31) , when one or more police <br />officers are dispatched to the scene of a party, gathering, or similar <br />event from which loud and raucous noise originates at the same <br />location. <br />(e) The word "location" means the physical address, APN, parcel of land, <br />and/or structures thereon regardless of the number of units on the <br />property. <br />(f) Any officer may issue an administrative citation to a person pursuant <br />to this chapter and SAMC 1-21. Each administrative citation shall <br />contain the following information: <br />(1) The name of the person charged with any violation of the <br />Code. <br />(2) The date(s) on which the person violated the Code. <br />(3) The section(s) of the Code so violated. <br />Ordinance No. NS -2964 <br />Page 2 of 4 <br />