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Section 3. Pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act ("CEQA") and <br />the State CEQA Guidelines, the adoption of this ordinance is exempt from CEQA review <br />pursuant to California Code of Regulations section 15061(b)(3), which is applicable if it <br />can be seen with certainty that there is no possibility that the project may have a <br />significant effect on the environment. As a result, a Notice of Exemption will be filed <br />upon the adoption of this ordinance. <br />Section 4. All provisions of the Santa Ana Municipal Code which are repeated <br />herein are repeated solely in order to comply with the provisions of Section 418 of the <br />City Charter. Any such restatement of existing provisions of the Code is not intended, <br />nor shall it be interpreted, as constituting a new action or decision of the City Council, <br />but rather such provisions are repeated for tracking purposes only in conformance with <br />the Charter. <br />Section 5. Section 18-613 of Article XIII of Chapter 18 of the Santa Ana <br />Municipal Code is hereby amended to read in full as follows: <br />Sec. 18-613. - Operating Standards. <br />(a) At all times the collective is open, a collective shall provide at least one (1) security <br />guard who is licensed, possesses a valid department of consumer affairs "security <br />guard card", and has a valid Santa Ana Business License. In the event that the <br />security guard is employed by an outside security guard company; such security <br />guard company shall maintain a valid Santa Ana Business License. <br />(b) The security guard and collective personnel shall monitor the site and the <br />immediate vicinity of the site to assure that patrons immediately leave the site and <br />not consume medical marijuana in the vicinity of the collective or on the property or <br />in the parking lot. <br />(c) Exterior signage shall comply with Article XI of Chapter 41. Interior signage or <br />advertising may not be visible from the exterior. Collectives and dispensaries must <br />comply with the advertising and marketing provisions of Business and Professions <br />Code §§ 26150-26155. <br />(d) No recommendations from a doctor for medical marijuana shall be issued on -site. <br />(e) There shall be no on -site sales of alcohol or tobacco products, and no on -site <br />consumption of food, alcohol, tobacco or marijuana by patrons. <br />(f) Hours of operation shall be limited to: 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. daily. No licensed <br />dispensary/collective shall be open to the public between the hours of 11:01 p.m. <br />and 6:59 a.m. of any day. <br />(g) The property shall provide an air treatment system with sufficient odor absorbing <br />ventilation and exhaust systems so that odor generated inside the location is not <br />detected outside the building, anywhere on adjacent property or public rights -of - <br />way, or within any other unit located within the same building as the collective if the <br />use only occupies a portion of a building. <br />(h) A collective shall only dispense medical marijuana to qualified patients and their <br />caregivers as defined by California Health and Safety Code § 11362.5 (Proposition <br />215). This shall include possession of an original valid doctor's recommendation, <br />not more than one (1) year old, for medical marijuana use by the patient. <br />(i) A collective shall notify patrons of the following both verbally and through posting <br />of a sign in a conspicuous location: <br />Ordinance No. NS-2973 <br />Page 3 of 27 <br />