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the project was fully considered, and all other legal prerequisites to the <br />adoption of this Resolution occurred. <br />G. Pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (Pub. Res. Code sec. <br />21000 et seq.; "CEQA"), and the State CEQA Guidelines, the City has <br />determined that a Categorical Exemption will be filed for the proposed project. <br />In conjunction with the City's CEQA determination regarding the annexation, the <br />County of Orange has completed a negative declaration (ND) for the two <br />developments. The ND will identify any potential impacts to the environment <br />and identify mitigation measures to reduce or eliminate the impacts. The lead <br />agency for the ND is the County of Orange. <br />H. General Plan Amendment No. 2018-04 has been filed to amend the General <br />Plan to change the land use designation of certain parcels located in the <br />Seventeenth and Tustin County island boundaries. The proposed land use <br />designations will be consistent with the current land uses and proposed pre - <br />zoning designations of the annexation project area. The amendments will pre- <br />designate properties located in the annexation area as Low -Density Residential <br />(LR-7), Medium -Density Residential (MR-15), or General Commercial (GC) as <br />shown on Exhibit 1, attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference. <br />I. The City Council has weighed and balanced the General Plan's policies, both <br />old and new, and has determined that based upon this balancing that General <br />Plan Amendment No. 2018-04 is consistent with the purpose of the General <br />Plan. <br />Section 2. CEQA Compliance. In accordance with the California <br />Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the State CEQA Guidelines, a categorical <br />exemption will be filed for this project pursuant to section 15319. This Class 19 <br />exemption applies to projects involving annexation of existing facilities and lots for <br />exempt facilities such as public and private structures developed to the density allowed <br />by the pre -zoning of the City. The proposed annexation area is developed to the <br />density allowed by the current zoning or pre -zoning, with the extension of utility services <br />having the capacity to serve only the existing facilities. More specifically, the proposed <br />annexation will consist of the 24.78-acre parcels of land in its entirety that includes <br />private residential and commercial structures as well as three vacant parcels of land <br />that are located at the southwest section of the annexation area. As the annexation <br />area is developed to the density allowed by both the current zoning of the County and <br />the pre -zoning designations proposed by the City, and no new utility services are <br />proposed for the existing structures within the annexation area as part of this project, <br />the Class 19 exemption is applicable to this project. The City Council has, as a result of <br />its consideration and the evidence presented at the hearings on this matter, determined <br />that, as required pursuant to CEQA, a categorical exemption adequately addresses the <br />expected environmental impacts of this project. On the basis of this review, the City <br />Council finds that there is no evidence from which it can be fairly argued that the project <br />will have a significant adverse effect on the environment therefore, it is categorically <br />exempt from the requirement for the preparation of environmental documents. Based <br />Resolution No. 2019-079 <br />Page 2 of 5 <br />