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(d) The packaging or distribution of previously prepared products or <br />materials, excluding those uses specified in section 41-489.5. <br />(e) Wholesale establishments where the primary trade is business -to - <br />business sale of products, supplies and equipment. <br />(f) Storage of previously prepared goods, products or materials for eventual distribution <br />or sales where the goods, products or materials are the property of the owner or <br />operator of the building or structure. <br />(g) Machine shop or other metal working shops. <br />(h) Warehousing. <br />(i) Impound yards (storage only) with no office or dispatching operations. <br />(j) Laundry and dry cleaning establishments in conjunction with plant operation for such <br />establishment on the premises. <br />(k) Eating establishments not specified in section 41-472.5. <br />(1) Research laboratories that do not generate hazardous waste materials. <br />(m)Service stations with no more than two thousand (2,000) square feet of the gross <br />floor area devoted to non -automotive related product sales. <br />(n) Truck, boat and heavy equipment sales, rental, and service. <br />(o) Movie, photography, musical or video production studios. <br />(p) Bulk products sales [twenty-five (25) cubic feet or greater] when such products are <br />the primary sales activity. <br />(q) Public utility structures. <br />(r) Blueprinting, photoengraving, screen printing and other reproduction processes. <br />(s) Wholesale nursery and plant storage. <br />(t) Contractor's yard. <br />(u) Automotive repair and service, including body and fender repair, painting, and engine <br />replacement. <br />(v) Home improvement warehouse store. <br />(w) Sales of industrial products, supplies and equipment used for final product <br />manufacture. <br />Ordinance No. NS-2983 <br />Page 3 of 8 <br />