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site with 444,534 square feet of total development, including 277,281 square feet of <br />residential buildings that would provide 256 for -rent multi -family residential units and a <br />167,253 square foot central parking structure and a 284 space surface level parking lot <br />with residential and commercial parking; (3) approval of Development Agreement No. <br />2018-01 between the City of Santa Ana ("City") and Applicant; (4) approval of General <br />Plan Amendment No. 2018-06, which would change the Project Site's existing land use <br />designation of Professional & Administration Office (PAO) to District Center (DC); and <br />(5) approval of Amendment Application No. 2018-10, which would change the zoning of <br />the Project Site from Professional (P) to Specific Development No. 93 (SD-93) <br />designation; and <br />WHEREAS, the requested Amendment Application would change the zoning <br />designation of the property from Professional (P) to Specific Development No. 93 (SD- <br />93) and adoption of Specific Development No. 93 to reflect this change in order to <br />facilitate the construction of the multi -family housing project; and <br />WHEREAS, Environmental Impact Report No. 2018-01 (State Clearinghouse <br />No. 2018021031) for the proposed Project was circulated between August 7, 2018 and <br />October 4, 2018; and <br />WHEREAS, the Environmental Impact Report analyzed the impacts related to <br />the proposed amendment to the zoning map and adoption of Specific Development <br />No. 93; and <br />WHEREAS, on August 27, 2018, the Planning Commission conducted a work <br />study session to overview the project and thirty-two (32) verbal comments were <br />received (three (3) in support and twenty-nine (29) in opposition) and nine (9) written <br />comments were received (one (1) in support and eight (8) in opposition); and <br />WHEREAS, on November 26, 2018, the Planning Commission continued a duly <br />noticed public hearing for the project to January 14, 2019 and held a second study <br />session to overview the Project and fifty-eight (58) verbal comments were received <br />(twenty-five (25) in support; thirty-one (31) in opposition and two (2) neutral) and <br />eleven (11) written comments were received (two (2) in support and nine (9) in <br />opposition); and <br />WHEREAS, on January 14, 2019, the Planning Commission conducted a duly <br />noticed public hearing to consider the EIR, Development Agreement No. 2018-01, <br />General Plan Amendment No. 2018-06, and Amendment Application No. 2018-10 and <br />solicited comments on the EIR. At the meeting, seventy-nine (79) members of the <br />public spoke on the item, thirty (30) speakers supported the project, forty-eight (48) <br />opposed it and one speaker was neutral. After hearing all relevant testimony from staff, <br />the public and the City's consultant team, the Planning Commission voted to <br />recommend that the City Council does not certify the EIR, adopt the findings, the <br />statement of overriding considerations and the mitigation monitoring and reporting <br />program and deny the Project; and <br />Ordinance No. NS-2980 <br />Page 2 of 23 <br />