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G. The City Council held a duly noticed public hearing on this ordinance on <br />April 21, 2020, and has considered all testimony presented thereto. At <br />such meeting, the City Council approved the ordinance with additional <br />terms, which include: payment of the inclusionary housing in -lieu fee at the <br />rate it existed on April 21, 2020 ($15.00 per square footage of habitable <br />living space) to be paid at the time of permit issuance, Traffic Study <br />timelines/triggers, and the submittal of a Construction Traffic Mitigation <br />and Routing Plan. Such additional terms are included in the Mutual <br />Declaration of Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Approval Conditions <br />that shall be signed by the developer and property owner and recorded <br />against the development property. <br />Section 2. Pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act ("CEQX) and <br />the State CEQA Guidelines section 15164, lead agencies are required to prepare an <br />addendum to a previously certified EIR if some changes or additions to the project are <br />necessary, but none of the conditions requiring preparation of a subsequent EIR are <br />present. The City Council has reviewed and considered the 2004 EIR and the 2020 <br />Addendum, and finds that these documents taken together contain a complete and <br />accurate reporting of all of the potential environmental impacts associated with the <br />proposed development. The City Council further finds that the 2020 Addendum has <br />been completed in compliance with CEQA and the State CEQA Guidelines. The City <br />Council further finds and determines that the Addendum reflects the City's independent <br />judgment. <br />Section 3. The Applicant shall indemnify, protect, defend and hold the City <br />and/or any of its officials, officers, employees, agents, departments, agencies, <br />authorized volunteers, and instrumentalities thereof, harmless from any and all <br />claims, demands, lawsuits, writs of mandamus, and other and proceedings (whether <br />legal, equitable, declaratory, administrative or adjudicatory in nature), and alternative <br />dispute resolution procedures (including, but not limited to arbitrations, mediations, <br />and such other procedures), judgments, orders, and decisions (collectively "Actions"), <br />brought against the City and/or any of its officials, officers, employees, agents, <br />departments, agencies, and instrumentalities thereof, that challenge, attack, or seek <br />to modify, set aside, void, or annul, any action of, or any permit or approval issued by <br />the City and/or any of its officials, officers, employees, agents, departments, <br />agencies, and instrumentalities thereof (including actions approved by the voters of <br />the City) for or concerning the project, whether such Actions are brought under the <br />Ralph M. Brown Act, California Environmental Quality Act, the Planning and Zoning <br />Law, the Subdivision Map Act, Code of Civil Procedure sections 1085 or 1094.5, or <br />any other federal, state or local constitution, statute, law, ordinance, charter, rule, <br />regulation, or any decision of a court of competent jurisdiction. It is expressly agreed <br />that the City shall have the right to approve, which approval will not be unreasonably <br />withheld, the legal counsel providing the City's defense, and that Applicant shall <br />reimburse the City for any costs and expenses directly and necessarily incurred by <br />Ordinance No. NS-2989 <br />Page 2 of 20 <br />