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etc. <br /> "Accessible structure" means a building or structure that is not secured or is <br /> open in such a way as to allow public or unauthorized access to the interior. <br /> "Administrative penalty payment due date" means the date that is the 10th day <br /> after the issuance of an abatement order, a notice of violation issued pursuant to <br /> section 1-21.7(1). <br /> "Agreement" means any written instrument that transfers or conveys title to <br /> residential or commercial property from one owner to another after a sale, trade, <br /> transfer or exchange. <br /> "Beneficiary" means a lender participating in a real property transaction that <br /> holds a secured interest in the real property in question identified in a deed of trust. <br /> "Boarded building" means a vacant building or portion of a vacant building <br /> whose doors and windows have been covered with plywood or other material for the <br /> purpose of preventing entry into the vacant building by persons or animals. <br /> "Building" means any structure, including, but not limited to, any residential, <br /> commercial, industrial, or assembly structure, approved for occupancy on either a lot <br /> of record or within a single project approved by the city pursuant to the city's Code <br /> or applicable specific plan. <br /> "Buyer" means any person, partnership, association, corporation, fiduciary or <br /> other legal entity that agrees to transfer anything of value in consideration for real <br /> property via an agreement. <br /> "Chief Building Official" or "building official" means Building Safety Manager, <br /> Code Enforcement Manager, or their designees. <br /> "Commercial Property" means any improved real property, or portion thereof, <br /> designed or permitted to be used for commercial non-residential purposes, including <br /> buildings and structures located on such improved real property. This includes any <br /> real property being offered under any circumstances for sale, trade, transfer, or <br /> exchange as "commercial," whether or not said property is legally permitted and <br /> zoned for such use. <br /> "Dangerous building" means any building or structure reasonably deemed by <br /> authorized city staff to represent a violation of any provision specified in the Uniform <br /> Code for the Abatement of Dangerous Buildings, International Property Maintenance <br /> Code, or California Health and Safety Code section 17920.3. <br /> "Days" means calendar days. <br /> Ordinance No. NS-2993 <br /> Page 3 of 17 <br />