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Orozco, Norma <br />From: Lan Nguyen <> <br />Sent: Thursday, January 14, 2021 10:56 AM <br />To: eComment <br />Subject: Re: Public Hearing 2530 and 2534 Westminster Ave (January 19, 2021 at 5:45 PM) <br />Mayor and Concilmembers, <br />My name is Lan Nguyen and I am the home owner at 1606 N. Huron Dr. directly in front of the <br />proposed project location at 2530 and 2534 West Westminster Ave. I am in opposition of the <br />proposed project. <br />Our household has three major concerns regarding some of the unintended consequences of this <br />project. <br />1. Privacy <br />• The proposed building is two 3-4 story buildings that will parallel most of the houses on <br />N Huron Dr. and W 16th St. The raised units will have a direct line of sight over the <br />walls and into the backyards of the houses on N Huron Dr and W 16th St. This is a <br />breach of privacy that we are not comfortable with. <br />2. Parking <br />• The proposed housing project has 85 units with only 136 parking spaces (1.6 spaces <br />per unit). According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the average household <br />has 1.9 vehicles. Households of 7 or more people have an average of 2.8 vehicles per <br />household. Based on this data, the proposed housing project will fail to provide parking <br />for all the tenants. With nowhere else to park, these cars will inevitably attempt to utilize <br />the parking from our neighborhood. This was an issue in previous years where tenants <br />from nearby complexes parked in our neighborhood and left little to no open space for <br />the homeowners of N Huron Dr. and W 16th St. Should the complex be approved, we <br />do not want tenants of the housing project to use our street as parking as it will greatly <br />limit our parking as it has in the past. <br />3. Traffic & Safety <br />• With 85 units and over 160 cars (based on BTS data), traffic in the neighborhood on W <br />16th and N Huron Dr. will increase dramatically as the tenants of the housing project will <br />undoubtedly use W 16th St. and N Huron Dr. as an alternative route to their homes. <br />• More importantly, we are concerned with the safety of the elderly and children in our <br />neighborhood with the increase in traffic that the housing project will bring. Our <br />household alone has 6 grandkids that visit regularly and an elderly grandma who <br />frequently walks between her house (1605 N Huron) and our house (1606 N Huron). <br />We are concerned that the increase in traffic will jeopardize the safety of our loved ones <br />in this neighborhood. <br />Respectfully, <br />Lan Nguyen & Hai Le <br />1606 N Huron Dr. <br />i <br />