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CLOSED SESSION ITEMS — The Brown Act permits legislative bodies to discuss certain matters without <br />members of the public present. The City Council finds, based on advice from the City Attorney, that discussion in <br />open session of the following matters will prejudice the position of the City in existing and anticipated litigation: <br />2. CONFERENCE WITH REAL PROPERTY NEGOTIATOR pursuant to Government Code Section <br />54956.8: <br />Address of Property: APN # 430-021-02; 1815 Carnegie Avenue, Santa Ana CA <br />92705 <br />Negotiators: City Manager Kristine Ridge and Assistant City Manager Steven <br />Mendoza <br />Negotiating with: DYER 18 LLC <br />Terms: Conditions of real property negotiations <br />Name Comment- O1/29/202111:43 PM: (No Vote) <br />Alicia Farias PARKING IS AN ISSUE. PEOPLE BEING TOWED SHOULD REIMBURSED. <br />ESPECIALLY IF A BUSINESS CLOSES (?�10:30PM AND IS TOWED <br />.&9:20PM AND YET THERE ARE STILL OTHER CARS ON THE PREMISE <br />WHO WEREN'T EVEN CUSTOMERS IN THE FIRST PLACE. THIS IS <br />RIDICULOUS. WE ARE IN A PANDEMIC. <br />