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<br />Orozco, Norma <br />From:Victor Payan <> <br />Sent:Monday, May 24, 2021 2:59 PM <br />To:eComment <br />Cc:Sarmiento, Vicente; Penaloza, David; Phan, Thai; Lopez, Jessie; Bacerra, Phil; Mendoza, <br />Nelida; Ridge, Kristine; Gomez, Daisy; Hernandez, Johnathan; !City Clerk <br />Subject:Say NO to Sale of Historic Cypress Fire Station <br />Hello, Mayor, City Council and City Manager, <br />I am writing to say that as a Santa Ana arts leader and resident, I am strongly advising that you vote NO <br />on the sale of the historic Santa Ana Fire Station building at 625 S Cypress St. <br />Tim Rush has stated that the cost of securing and maintaining the property has cost the city $1 million. If <br />this is the case, selling the property at a fired sale price of approximately $300,000 would result in a LOSS <br />to the City of $700,000. Not to mention that this is significantly below market value. A real estate <br />professional we consulted says the value of the land alone is at least $800,000. <br />As you see, the numbers do not add up, and a sale of this historic property in the current terms would not <br />only be fiscally irresponsible, but it would almost certainly become an election issue. <br />Additionally, as we learned from the sale of the Santa Ana Fire Department, once the sale is done, you will <br />not be able to get it back. <br />I reiterate my view, and that of numerous community leaders and residents who have already contacted <br />you about this issue, that the property is perfectly suited for the following uses: <br />• Community Technology Center <br />• Digital Library <br />• Artist Residency Space <br />• Use of CARES Recovery Funds to rehab the building for community use within two years. <br />Since the property is already zoned for commercial use, this is already a reason to plan to use the building <br />as a community center in a community that desperately needs one. This is also in alignment with the <br />Santa Ana General Plan and Santa Ana Arts Master Plan. <br />My organization, Media Arts Santa Ana (MASA), would love to partner with the City to provide media arts <br />training, literacy and youth education classes and programming, to help a community center in that <br />building succeed and thrive. I would even help to work on grants to help secure funding for this purpose. <br />As a resident of the Eastside/Pacific Park neighborhood, in which the historic Cypress Fire Station is <br />located, I can also attest to the public benefit that such a facility would provide for Santa Ana youth and <br />adults. <br />If it is necessary to start by using the building as a residency space, that would be great, as it would buy <br />time to come up with a plan and funding path to create the community technology center that Santa Ana <br />needs, deserves and is due. <br />On the other hand, selling the property would result in a loss of over $700,000 in City monetary <br />investment, and a greater loss in community investment in Santa Ana's future. <br />1 <br /> <br />