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J. LUIS CORREA <br />46TH DISTRICT, CALIFORNIA <br />WASHINGTON OFFICE <br />2301 RAYBURN HOUSE OFFICE BUILDING <br />WASHINGTON, D.C. 20515 <br />(202) 225-2965 <br />SANTA ANA DISTRICT OFFICE <br />2323 N. BHOADWAY, SurtE 319 <br />SANTA ANA, CA 92706 <br />(714) 559-6190 <br />(fongress of #4e pnihb $ta es <br />Douse of gepreseufafiires <br />pasilirtgfon, PC 20515 <br />HOUSE COMMITTEE ON HOMELAND SECURITY <br />SUBCOMMITTEE ON OVERSIGHT, <br />MANAGEMENT, AND ACCW NTABILITT <br />CHAIR <br />SUBCOMMITTEE ON BORDER SECURITY, <br />FACILITATION, AND OPERATIONS <br />HOUSE COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY <br />SUBCOMMTTEE ON IMMIGRATION <br />AND CITIZENSHIP <br />SUBCOMMITTEE ON CRIME, TERRORISM, <br />AND HOMELAND SECURITY <br />HOUSE COMMITTEE ON AGRICULTURE <br />SUBCOMMITTEE ON LIVESTOCK <br />AND FOREIGN AGRICULTURE <br />SUBCOMMITTEE ON CONSERVATION AND FORESTRY <br />SUBCOMMITTEE ON BIOTECHNOLOGY, <br />HORTICULTURE, AND RESEARCH <br />May 24, 2021 PROBLEM SOLVERS CAUCUS <br />BLUE DOG COALITION <br />NEW DEMOCRAT COALITION <br />CONGRESSIONAL HISPANIC CAUCUS <br />Dear Santa Ana Mayor Sarmiento and Council, <br />As we still deal with the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, immigrant communities are still facing <br />many challenges. <br />In our community, where almost half of the population are new Americans, the stakes are high. Immigrant <br />families face harsh and often punitive federal immigration policies that make them more vulnerable than <br />ever to deportation and separation from loved ones. While there has been a change in the Administration, <br />many issues remain an unfortunately the threat of deportation remains real for many families. <br />When I entered Congress in 2017, the fast bill I introduced was the DIRE Legal Aid Act, which sought to <br />create a federal program to ensure every immigrant facing deportation has a credible and capable <br />immigration attorney. In the United States, we are supposed to have "due process." That's why we have <br />public defenders. Yet, when it comes to immigration laws, due process is hard to come by. <br />The negative effects of denying immigrants due process reverberate far beyond immigrant communities. <br />Deportations ravage families and separate American citizens from their parents. Deporting farmworkers that <br />harvest and process our food hurts our national security and jeopardizes our safety. <br />Thankfully, Santa Ana recognizes the importance of due process and legal representation and has taken bold <br />steps to blunt the impact of the Administration's harsh immigration actions on our city. Santa Ana became <br />the first Orange County city to offer publicly -funded legal defense for immigrants facing deportation as part <br />of Vera's SAFE (Safety & Fairness for Everyone) Network. The Santa Ana Deportation Defense Fund <br />ensures that immigrants have some due process, and the possible opportunity to continue to be productive, <br />taxpaying members of our society. <br />I ask you to make the Santa Ana Deportation Legal Defense Fund a permanent line item in your budget and <br />to allocate $300,000 for the budget year of 2021-2022. I encourage you tall to continue stepping up to <br />protect our taxpaying community and reminding our neighbors across the state and nation what we have <br />known for generations, the unquestionable value immigrants in our nation, and our economy. <br />Sincerely, <br />may, <br />J. Luis Correa <br />Member of Congress <br />CORREA.HOUSE.GOV <br />