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'It <br />���"-' CITY OF SANTA ANA <br />"� — REQUEST TO SPEAK <br />PUBLIC HEARING ONLY <br />Providing the following information is strictly voluntary. Only your name will appear in the official Minutes <br />of this Council Meeting; other information may be used by the City Council or staff to contact you. <br />1 <br />PUBLIC HEARING AGENDA ITEM NO. 0 Z <br />NAME Llso 0k61VkA * <br />/a / (if applicable) Law C' e✓1;W <br />E/ <br />HOMWORK PHONE NO. l1376�(�36 Wd E-MAIL ADDRESS I I SA � iwl+'vIGQC r• D <br />(please indicate one) <br />HOMEWORK ADDRESS 634 S• SIB" � � � �+ � �a u� i � }h <br />CITY �.os A-V q -o S ZIP CODE UI &D j <br />