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COVID Testing and Vaccination <br />January 7, 2021 <br />Page 2 <br />To potentially restart local testing, the City of Santa Ana has been working closely with the Santa <br />Ana College Chancellors' office and potential testing vendors. The City has preliminarily sought <br />opportunities to secure the maximum amount of testing with limited funding by ensuring <br />reimbursements, when available, from third parties are fully exhausted. <br />In addition, as the State receives distribution of vaccination doses and our region begins the <br />planning and implementation of vaccinations, there is an opportunity for the City to lead the efforts <br />for a vaccination site within our City. By working closely with the County of Orange, this could <br />provide a locally accessible option for our community. The protocol for vaccinations in our region, <br />which must be in accordance with the State guidelines, are currently being developed and should <br />be available within the next two weeks. Further, there is the potential for reimbursement <br />submission of at least 75% of costs for this activity through FEMA. Details are still developing on <br />whether or not the City will be the direct recipient of any other COVID-19 State or Federal financial <br />assistance. <br />FISCAL IMPACT <br />On December 1, 2020, the City Council approved a second amendment to the COVID-19 <br />Response Funding Plan for CDBG dollars. The amendment included an allocation of $500,000 for <br />testing and vaccine distribution that remains available. However, there are qualification factors for <br />use of this money that is to serve low-income residents. Staff is already working on developing <br />verification processes to meet the federal requirements. Currently, the General Fund is the only <br />other funding source available for COVID-19 testing and vaccinations and would be needed for <br />residents that do not meet the qualifications of the CDBG funding source. With the closure and <br />audit of the financial books for FY19-20 there was an additional $5.7 million added to the general <br />fund balance of which $250,000 may be appropriated to supplement the testing and vaccination <br />efforts. Detailed information will be provided with the upcoming presentation of the audited <br />financial statements and Midyear budget report. <br />Should Council proceed with these actions the funding in an amount not to exceed $750,000 would <br />be funded as follows: <br />Accounting Unit <br />Fund Description <br />Funding Amount <br />13518788 <br />CDBG Fund, CDBG-CV3 <br />$500,000 <br />01105015 <br />General Fund, Non -Departmental <br />$250,000 <br />Total <br />$750,000 <br />Fiscal Impact Verified By: Kathryn Downs, CPA, Executive Director— Finance and Management <br />Services Agency <br />Submitted By: Kristine Ridge, City Manager <br />