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Approve First Amendment to Agreement with All City Management Services <br />January 19, 2021 <br />Page 2 <br />the highest cost scenario where schools resume normal in -classroom attendance starting <br />January 2021. <br />The tables below summarize the funds budgeted and anticipated costs: <br />Budgeted Funds <br />Accounting Unit- <br />Fund <br />Accounting Unit, Account <br />Fiscal Year <br />Amount <br />Account # <br />Description <br />Description <br />Crossing Guard Program, <br />2020-21 <br />01117644 62300 <br />General <br />Contract Services- <br />$745,980 <br />Fund <br />Professional <br />Anticipated Expenditures <br />Fiscal Year <br />Service <br />Amount <br />2020-21 <br />Crossing Guard Services <br />$650,000 <br />All City Management Services <br />EXHIBIT(S) <br />1. First Amendment to the Agreement with All City Management Inc. <br />Submitted By: <br />Nabil Saba, Executive Dir Public Works <br />Approved By: Kristine Ridge, City Manager <br />