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Police Department <br /> <br />Item # 26 <br />City of Santa Ana <br />20 Civic Center Plaza, Santa Ana, CA 92701 <br />Staff Report <br />January 19, 2021 <br />TOPIC: Resolution Accepting Tactical Medical Equipment for Mass Casualty Incidents <br />AGENDA TITLE: <br />ADOPT A RESOLUTION ACCEPTING THE DONATION OF TACTICAL MEDICAL <br />EQUIPMENT FOR MASS CASUALTY INCIDENTS FOR THE SANTA ANA POLICE <br />DEPARTMENT <br />RECOMMENDED ACTION <br />Adopt a resolution accepting tactical medical equipment manufactured by Tactical <br />Medical Solutions from Cops Direct for the Santa Ana Police Department. <br />EXECUTIVE SUMMARY <br />DISCUSSION <br />The Santa Ana Police Department (SAPD) issues a personal set of Tactical Medical <br />Solutions (TMS) tactical medical equipment to each officer who completes the Tactical <br />Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) training through the Urban Area Security Initiative <br />(UASI) grant program. This training is geared toward preparing police officers to provide <br />life-saving interventions and better serve the community in the event of an active shooter <br />or mass casualty incident response. TMS is a global leading developer and manufacturer <br />of pre -hospital medical gear for the tactical and civilian world. Founded in 2003 by a <br />Special Forces medic, their products have a presence in 70 countries around the world, <br />serving major police departments across the nation. <br />Cops Direct is a 501©3 not -for -profit organization supplying law enforcement agencies <br />within the United States with fully stocked emergency medical kits to handle medical <br />emergencies until a higher level of care is available. Cops Direct supplies this equipment <br />at no expense to the requesting agency. Agencies such as Police, Sheriff, Troopers, K- <br />9, SWAT and Search & Rescue are all recipients of equipment provided by Cops Direct. <br />The TMS equipment has been field-tested by Santa Ana Police Department TECC <br />instructors, who confirmed the equipment is consistent with the equipment provided to <br />