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<br />Flores, Dora <br />From:Dave Elliott <> <br />Sent:Tuesday, July 20, 2021 11:03 AM <br />To:eComment <br />Cc:Brunier, Ashley <br />Subject:Agenda Item 25 HAULERS contract <br />Mayor Sarmiento, Members of the Council and City Manager Ridge <br /> <br />Sent from Mail for Windows 10 <br /> <br />th <br />I shared last week in a letter (July 13) my support from the Chamber for a renewed contract for Waste Management in <br />providing professional waste services. In this email I would like to reinforce this letter as well on behalf of Waste <br />Management. <br /> <br />Since 1963 WM has been a member of the Chamber in good standing and for over 25 years a seat on our board of <br />directors. They have continued to not only provide excellent waste and recycling services but have been LOYAL <br />contributing member of our business community and community as a whole. They contribute to a vibrant economy and <br />support organizations and activities to improve quality of life in Santa Ana. They have a history of LOYALTY which I <br />believe is very important. <br /> <br />With Waste Management I think our City of Santa Ana will continue to be cleaner, greener and safer place to call home. <br /> <br />Thanks for your work and consideration <br /> <br />David L. Elliott <br />President/CEO <br />Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce <br />1 <br />