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and rent at a higher rate to new tenants. And $2,300 is not gonna pay for a deposit (generally two months' rent <br />for unfurnished units - again this is allowed by state law) on top of the first month's rent on a new place coupled <br />with moving costs. <br /> <br />p.p.s. If we were to argue that Tenants should somehow have enough in savings to be able to shoulder these <br />costs of relocation somehow and $2300 is just a cherry on top... why aren't we also holding landlords to this <br />same standard? If "investors" are so overleveraged on their properties that even a month or two of missed rent <br />puts them at risk of mortgage foreclosure (which isn't a process that takes place overnight btw... the LL might <br />even be able to short sell a property in a relatively quick time before the finance company can even file the case <br />in court...) or serious financial distress, then maybe this type of process shouldn't be allowed to exist. <br /> <br /> <br />2 <br />