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requested that CARB analyze pathways to phase out all oil extraction, focusing on benefits in <br />disadvantaged communities and opportunities for job creation and economic growth. <br />California's climate policies and programs have cut carbon emissions, created jobs and catalyzed <br />innovation. California has exceeded its 2020 greenhouse gas emissions reduction target — four <br />years ahead of schedule — while growing its economy 26 percent. These accomplishments <br />demonstrate what is possible with sustained focus on climate action while creating substantial <br />health and economic benefits, including jobs along the way. <br />Santa Ana is the most at -risk city in the U.S. to climate impacts and has the second lowest <br />degree of climate readiness. Santa Ana must take action to advance measures that will put the <br />City on the path to climate safety. <br />The key to addressing the climate crisis at the local level is to begin rapidly reducing emissions <br />using affordable technologies that are available now. The fastest and easiest way for cities to <br />do that is with clean electrification through Community Choice Energy (CCE). CCE programs <br />currently serve more than 11 million residents in over 200 California cities and counties, <br />providing cleaner electricity, choice, competitive pricing, and funding for local community <br />programs that advance equity and protect residents from climate impacts. <br />Orange County's first CCE, called the OC Power Authority (OCPA), launched last year. OCPA and <br />other CCE programs in the region present Santa Ana with an opportunity to achieve 100% <br />clean energy in line with Governor Newsom's new climate goals while creating new and good <br />green jobs and providing funding for local climate readiness programs. Over time, CCEs will <br />save customers and cities millions, prevent rolling blackouts, make our grid more resilient, bring <br />revenue and relief to our community by keeping our rate payer dollars in our city, bring <br />programs to green our city and allow us to convert to renewable energy faster. 80% of OC <br />residents want more funding for these projects and CCE is our path forward. <br />Yesterday, the IPCC released a landmark study that warns of increasingly extreme heatwaves, <br />droughts, and a key temperature limit being broken in just over a decade. According to the head <br />of the UN, the report "is a code red for humanity". But scientists say a catastrophe can be <br />avoided if we act fast and make deep cuts in emissions of greenhouse gases. <br />We urge the City to adopt the resolution and emissions targets in line with the Governor's <br />new 2030 goals that were outlined in the previously agendized draft version. We also <br />encourage you to have proactive conversations with CCE programs in the region to explore <br />joining a CCE joint powers authority and California's movement to 100%clean energy. <br />2 <br />