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Chispa <br />August 17th, 2021 <br />Mayor Sarmiento and the City Council Members <br />City of Santa Ana <br />22 Civic Center Plaza <br />Santa Ana, CA 92701 <br />RE: Agenda Item #41 Approve Appropriation Adjustment Transferring Funds from <br />the Police Department Metropolitan Division to other Police Department Accounts <br />Dear Mayor Sarmiento and City Councilmembers, <br />I write on behalf of Chispa to ask that Item 41, Approve Appropriation Adjustment <br />Transferring Funds from the Police Department Metropolitan Division to Other Police <br />Department Accounts, be continued and discussed at a later date. We strongly <br />disagree with the 1.1 million transfer of funds from the Metropolitan Division going <br />towards other divisions within the police department. We ask that Councilmembers work <br />with young people to identify existing programs outside of the police department that <br />better serve the needs of young people. <br />As an organization by and for young Latinxs, this proposal will directly impact the young <br />Latinxs in Santa Ana, who make up a significant portion of this City. We hope this item <br />can allow a real shift in Santa Ana's public safety support. For these reasons Chispa <br />requests that you continue Item 41 and allow time for more community input and <br />discussion. <br />Sincerely, <br />Boomer Vicente <br />Policy Director <br />Chispa <br />