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 I can guarantee you that the youth population has increased in 10 years; however, I have not read the <br />2020 Census Report <br /> <br />Results for Santa Ana Property 1406 N Parton, Santa Ana 92706 (County: Orange ) <br />FIGURES FROM THE 2010 CENSUS: <br />Latitude, Longitude 33.75705400,-117.87489400 <br /> <br />Total Population 14,568 <br /> <br />Youth Population 4,829 <br /> <br />Senior Population 920 <br /> <br />Median Household Income $59,931 <br /> <br />Per Capita Income $24,032 <br /> <br />People in Poverty 3,790 <br /> <br />Households Without Access to a Car 483 <br /> <br />Parks Total Area 4.69 <br /> <br />Parks per 1,000 People 0.32 <br />Report # 104365 generated on 2021-08-17 @ 10:43 <br /> <br />As I read back on Assembly Bill 31 and the reasoning as to why this bill was initiated and eventually passed it <br />stated the following facts which remain pertinent in our Willard Neighborhood. In other words and as of this <br />writing should still be the basis of why open space for the citizens is a necessity, <br /> <br />SEC. 5. Under AB 31- Chapter 623 <br /> Section 5642 of the Public Resources Code is amended to read: <br />5642. <br /> As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the following meanings: <br />… <br />(b) “Critically underserved community” means a community that meets either of <br />the following: <br />(1) Has less than three acres of usable parkland per 1,000 residents. <br />(2) Is a disadvantaged community, as defined by subdivision (g) of Section 75005, <br />and can demonstrate to the department that the community has insufficient or no <br />park space and recreation facilities. <br />…. <br />(g) “Disadvantaged community” means a community with a median household <br />income less than 80% of the statewide average. “Severely disadvantaged <br />community” means a community with a median household income less than 60% <br />of the statewide average. <br /> <br />In closing, it should be clearly understood that on various occasions the Willard Neighborhood Agency <br />expressed our concerns with City Staff and City Council regarding open space for our children. Our ask is that <br />we factor in those discussions and put at the forefront the citizens of Santa Ana who support you and more <br />importantly, trust you. <br />2 <br /> <br />