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Exclusive Solid Waste Agreement Award <br />— Award exclusive solid waste agreement to Athens Services. <br />— Agreement becomes effective 30 days from Council approval. <br />— Services commence July 1, 2022 and expire June 30, 2032, with a <br />mutual option to extend for a period of five years, and a City option to <br />extend for a period of up to thirty-six months. <br />— State of California, School & College Districts and others agencies, are <br />not subject to the City of Santa Ana's agreement for solid waste <br />services. These entities contract for solid waste services directly with <br />service providers. <br />— All proposers offered varied levels of environmental leadership <br />initiatives and agreed to comply with the requirements of the <br />Department of Transportation, South Coast Air Quality Management <br />District and California Air Resources regulations. <br />— All collection vehicles will be powered by natural gas and be model <br />year 2021 or newer. <br />