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City Council Meeting Agenda <br />September 21, 2021 <br />SPECIAL CLOSED SESSION MEETING - 4:00 PM <br />REGULAR OPEN MEETING - 5:45 PM <br />(Immediately following the Closed Session Meeting) <br />CITY COUNCIL CHAMBER <br />22 Civic Center Plaza Santa Ana, CA 92701 <br />Vicente Sarmiento <br />Mayor <br />Thai Viet Phan <br />Councilmember —Ward 1 <br />Jessie Lopez <br />Councilmember - Ward 3 <br />Johnathan Ryan Hernandez <br />Councilmember - Ward 5 <br />David Penaloza <br />Mayor Pro Tem - Ward 2 <br />Phil Bacerra <br />Councilmember - Ward 4 <br />Nelida Mendoza <br />Councilmember - Ward 6 <br />Mayor and Council telephone: 714-647-6900 <br />Agenda item inquiries: 714-647-6520 <br />Sonia R. Carvalho Kristine Ridge <br />City Attorney City Manager <br />Daisy Gomez <br />Clerk of the Council <br />In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), if you need special assistance to participate in this Meeting, <br />®contact Michael Ortiz, City ADA Program Coordinator, at (714) 647-5624. Notification 48 hours prior to the Meeting will enable <br />the City to make reasonable arrangements to assure accessibility to this meeting. The City Council agenda and supporting <br />documentation can be found on the City's website — <br />Page 1 of 16 9/21 /2021 <br />