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Do you have concerns about the current boundaries of your Ward? <br />Heninger Park's east boundary is S. Main Street, also known as Historic Highway Old Route 101-A , and <br />Historic South Main Business District. Concerns related to Heninger Park's S. Main Street boundary include <br />include fate of Historic United Auto Building @ First & S.Main, fate of existing low rise low density residential <br />& retail/commercial buildings, lack of historic survey of existing structures, fate of S. Sycamore, (the <br />neighborhood street in Heninger Park behind S. Main Street), zoning existing and any future zoning changes, <br />and cut through vehicle traffic. <br />Other Comments: <br />However redistricting occurs, as Special District 40 (SD-40) Heninger Park will need to be kept intact. Wilshire <br />Square neighborhood shares Heninger Park's northern border, (McFadden) and with it's Historically Sensitive <br />status Wilshire Square & Heninger Park should remain in the same district, in my opinion. <br />File upload <br />• image.jpg 2.24 MB <br />• image O.jpg 2.27 MB <br />• image l.jpg 2.05 MB <br />• image 2.jpg 2.09 MB <br />