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Orozco, Norma <br />From: jpramirez714 <> <br />Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2021 6:41 AM <br />To: Bacerra, Phil; Sarmiento, Vicente; Ridge, Kristine; eComment <br />Subject: Unpermitted Event Oct23 <br />Dear Council members & staff, <br />I'm have concerns and questions about an event held in our city on Oct 23rd of last month taking place <br />on the cross streets of Santa Ana Blvd and Bristol. There is talk that this event was done without the <br />required permit usually needed to stage an event on our public streets. The event in question was also <br />held and promoted by a current sitting council member in Johnathan Hernandez of Ward 5. So my <br />questions are: <br />Was this event unpermitted? If so, why was it allowed to proceed? Did city officials have prior <br />knowledge of this event? <br />Was this event headed by a sitting council member as mentioned above? If so, are city officials allowed <br />to hold events on public streets without obtaining the proper permits and fees like the rest of Santa Ana <br />Residents? Are council members exempt? <br />It is my sincere hope that these concerns and questions are raised and answered on the dais at the first <br />council meeting proceeding this letter being received. City officials such as council members should be <br />held to a higher standard as they are representatives of our city and are looked up to by their <br />constituents. <br />Thank You, <br />John Ramirez <br />41 year resident of Santa Ana <br />Ward 4 <br />Sent from my Galaxy <br />