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Orozco, Norma <br />From: Libro Mobile <> <br />Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2021 3:34 PM <br />To: eComment <br />Subject: Public Comment: Adopt Resolution of Intent to Levy 2022 Assessment for Downtown <br />Santa Ana Business Improvement District <br />Dear Mayor Sarmiento, Mayor Pro Tem Penaloza and Council Members, <br />LibroMobile (business representatives Sarah Garcia and Marilynn Montano) has been attending Santa Ana <br />Business Council meetings consistently since July 2021 and Marilynn has attended in the years prior outside of <br />representing LibroMobile. <br />What drove us to attend consistently as a downtown business are the recent events being hosted in downtown, <br />like Patches & Pins that brought over 5K people to downtown during the pandemic in February 2021 and OC <br />Vegan Fest, which used the parking lot on 3rd and Bush to host events and ultimately brought down our sales <br />extensively and deterred patrons from visiting our bookstore due to lack of public parking and cost increase in <br />parking garages. <br />Since then, I have learned that the SABC and Downtown Inc. fail to make meeting information, agendas and <br />minutes accessible in Spanish. Our downtown businesses demographics demand such a consideration. <br />Additionally, I have been told in a SABC meeting not to raise my concerns during a live meeting then told by <br />email that they do not have the capacity to provide information via email. It was also pointed out in a meeting <br />that I am one of two businesses that attends these meetings, which adds to my concerns on how inaccessible <br />these meetings have been over the years. For example, we do not have access to September's minutes and <br />meeting recordings since June, they are not posted on the SABC website nor have any been available in <br />Spanish: <br />Please note, over 75% of the 100K SABC BID funding goes to two consultants. In total, SABC and DTI are <br />proposing to use $124, 600 out of $200K to pay three consultants. What I am requesting is transparency through <br />financial accountability for both entities and accessibility for the majority of our downtown businesses and <br />community organizations. <br />I am also requesting a full list of grants received by SABC and DTI with amounts and budgets. A SABC <br />consultant had offered this information for Boca de Oro's California Arts Council 2019 grant that funded <br />activities in 2020 in July's meeting but never transpired the information into a report. Along with details on who <br />attends training listed as a line item in budgets. <br />Profit & Loss reports and Balance Sheets could be easily provided as public records by the accountant paid by <br />SABC funds given that 10% of BID funds are used for this line item in comparison to DTI who pays $3,600. <br />Such reports would give the details of funds coming in and how they are used to benefit the local businesses. <br />Providing pie charts on websites would also offer transparency. <br />Why the need for two entities to do the same type of event planning and promotion? One compromise would be <br />to have the two entities unite and not double up on line items and consultants, add terms for consultants and <br />expectations to rotate board members to be more inclusive of local businesses on a broader scale. Designate <br />$100K of the funding to solely support collaborations between local businesses and LOCAL artists. This alone <br />will help boost the local economy and reinvest in the folks who already create collaborative events like <br />