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<br />Orozco, Norma <br />From:Tim Johnson <> <br />Sent:Monday, November 15, 2021 4:26 PM <br />To:Ridge, Kristine; Mendoza, Steven; Eggers, Terri; Funk, John; Carvalho, Sonia R.; <br />eComment; Hernandez, Johnathan; Mendoza, Nelida; Penaloza, David; Phan, Thai; <br />Lopez, Jessie; Bacerra, Phil; Sarmiento, Vicente;; <br />;; <br />Subject:OC BoS Mtg 11/16/21 re Santa Ana Armory (& SA City Council Closed Session Items <br />A, B & C) <br />Attachments:Community Message: City of Santa Ana Alleges Breach of Homeless Settlement <br />Agreement by County of Orange <br />Mayor, City Council, City Staff, City legal team, and others bcc’d…this email can be placed into public comments <br />th <br />regarding the lawsuits you will be discussing in Closed Session at the Nov 16 in addition to bringing attention to an item <br />at the County level and how it impacts the Catholic Worker settlement in Judge Carter’s courtroom, but as important is <br />th <br />the discussions and vote being held at the county level on November 16 prior to that city council session. <br /> <br />Please be aware that the OC Board of Supervisors will be discussing and voting upon reopening the cold weather <br />emergency shelter located in Santa Ana at the Armory down by MHA. This is agenda item #16 for the county <br />tomorrow. From the below email string, you can see that the county intends to utilize the Armory to offer shelter to all <br />folks throughout the county at the Armory and not just those in the Central SPA. This seems like it is in violation of the <br />settlement in the Catholic Worker Case and I would urge the city to have a presence at the Board of Supervisor’s <br />meeting tomorrow morning in order to advocate for the residents and businesses of Santa Ana. I would also urge the <br />city’s legal team to bring this up as it relates to the cases with the county regarding this same topic (see attached). <br /> <br />There are many on the streets who need shelter but Santa Ana cannot do this alone. The county is continuously <br />relocating, whether purposely or just by its own policies/procedures, those struggling with housing to Santa Ana through <br />tactics such as this. As you likely know, the Catholic Worker settlement agreement indicated that the county would not <br />relocate someone across SPA lines in order to seek shelter but this appears to do just that. In fact, this type of relocation <br />is one of the prime reasons for the city filing suit against the county in case 8:20:cv-00069-DOC-KES (see attached) in <br />addition to the lack of coordinated transport back to city of origin when released from county jail. <br /> <br />The county below sates that “The Cold Weather Shelter will be available to individuals experiencing homelessness <br />throughout the County, which is inline with it’s operations historically.” First, did anyone know that they were formally <br />doing this previously? When Mr. Becht says that it is for those “throughout the County” and then indicates that it is <br />“inline with it’s operations historically” he is confirming that this has been taking place in the past…likely an important <br />fact that should be noted for the city’s case against the county. Someone seeking shelter should be able to receive that <br />shelter in their local vicinity and not be relocated to Santa Ana for that assistance…that is one of the reasons that it was <br />agreed that transportation across SPA lines would not be allowed. Is the City going to sit idle while the county allows <br />this to happen all while not having adequate emergency and other shelter options for South County? <br /> <br />Further, the cold weather shelter historically has had very limited pick up and drop off points…both inside the city of <br />Santa Ana. I believe that the county would provide transportation options to Mental Health Association on S Main <br />Street or transport to/from the Civic Center area. If this is for the entire county, then transportation should be provided <br />throughout the county both for pick up and drop off. It should not just be a Santa Ana only issue. I do not believe that <br />this facility should be for county wide access but even if it were restricted to the Central SPA, there should be <br />transporation centers located in each of the Central SPA cities including Garden Grove, Westminster, Fountain Valley, <br />Costa Mesa, etc…Our neighboring cities will talk about how they want to help those struggling with housing but will any <br />of them step up to the plate and ask for a transportation location or will they do what they have done in the past which <br />1 <br /> <br />