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w wwea 1enwne d yconvntoS.SRHI OFF <br /> 17701 Cowan r"wtw.,State 200 <br /> December 7, 2021 unwtn c,CA 92614 <br /> Via Email <br /> Santa Ana City Council <br /> 20 Civic Center Plaza <br /> Santa Ana, CA 92701 <br /> Re: Item 37 - Final Recirculated Program Environmental Impact Report No. 2020-03 and <br /> General Plan Amendment No. 2020-06 for Santa Ana General Plan Update <br /> Dear Mayor Sarmiento and Councilmembers Phan, Penaloza, Lopez, Bacerra, Hernandez, and <br /> Mendoza, <br /> The Kennedy Commission (the Commission), a broad-based coalition of residents and <br /> community organizations, advocates for the production of homes affordable for families earning <br /> less than $27,000 annually in Orange County. Formed in 2001, the Commission has <br /> successfully partnered and worked with Orange County jurisdictions to create effective housing <br /> and land-use policies that have led to the new construction of homes affordable to lower-income <br /> working families. <br /> As the City Council considers adopting the draft General Plan Update ("the General <br /> Plan") today, the Commission would like to make clear that it opposes the adoption of <br /> the Plan as it is proposed today. The Commission does not believe the policies and <br /> programs proposed in the General Plan will effectively address the needs of residents or <br /> the concerns they raised during the City's community engagement events. <br /> Before the Council approves the General Plan, we request the City address the three <br /> following concerns: <br /> 1) In the General Plan, the City identifies five Focus Areas in the City where it plans to <br /> intensify development: 17th St. & Grand Ave., 55 Fwy & Dyer Rd., South Bristol St., <br /> South Main St., and West Santa Ana Blvd.' The City needs to provide policies that <br /> ensure that there will be robust production of 100% affordable housing in these areas. <br /> Without such policies, it is likely that the increases in densities being applied to these <br /> areas through the General Plan Update will primarily lead to market-rate housing. <br /> 2) Many census tracts in the five Focus Areas face a disproportionate level of <br /> environmental pollution.2 Intensifying development and increasing the population in <br /> these areas without addressing these environmental concerns is not acceptable. <br /> Therefore, the City should consider conducting a preliminary environmental assessment <br /> of the five Focus Areas to understand the level of environmental pollution residents of <br /> these areas are and will face and, thus, determine the suitability of these areas for <br /> increased residential use. <br /> Santa Ana General Plan Public Review Draft, p.238, December 2021 <br /> htt s://www.sanka...ana.or /sites/default/Files/ I/ eneral... lan/December%202021%20Draft/2021'%20 SA'Yo20 Genera'%20FIlan'%20 <br /> 1%20Combined1%20Doc comressed. df <br /> 2 CalEnviroScreen 4.0 Indicator Maps, hkk s://ex erience.arc S3d8 ¢J38431d1 F4f22ab9abfe40d/. <br />