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From: Vincent Tran <br />To: Gomez. Daisy; eComment <br />Cc: Tracy La <br />Subject: VietRISE Redistricting Map Submission <br />Date: Wednesday, December 1, 2021 3:40:20 PM <br />Attachments: Man l.odf <br />Man 2.odf <br />Dear Daisy, <br />Below I have attached two draft maps developed by VietRISE with the input of residents who have taken <br />part in the Santa Ana Redistricting Committee since mid -October to discuss and develop ideal districts <br />that would best represent residents across the city. <br />We began hosting meetings with Santa Ana residents in mid -October and have met a total of 3 times to <br />identify our Communities of Interest (COI) and map out our ideal districts which take into consideration all <br />our Communities of Interest. <br />In each PDF file, the first page includes a map visual and the second page includes the demographics of <br />each district. These maps were created through QGIS using the most recent 2020 Census data. <br />Map 1 <br />This map ensures that a district in the west end of Santa Ana is drawn in accordance with the Voting <br />Rights Act (VRA) to allow for inclusive representation of the city's Asian American residents (#1 at 42% <br />Asian CVAP). It is also drawn to include as many mobile home communities together across two districts <br />(#1 and #3). It creates a district in the center of Santa Ana which includes the densest communities in the <br />city. This map was created to increase and strengthen the political representation of the most <br />marginalized residents and neighborhoods in the city - those who are more working class, lower -income, <br />and monolingual (ex. speaks only Spanish or Vietnamese at home). <br />District 1: <br />This district maintains the Asian CVAP at 42% and keeps the largest community of Vietnamese <br />residents and Mobile Home COls together. It also includes the most number of Vietnamese - <br />speaking businesses, faith institutions (ex. Buddhist temples and Catholic churches), and <br />restaurants. <br />It consists mainly of West Santa Ana (west of the Santa Ana river) and extends south using <br />Fairview as a natural boundary to bring in an additional mobile home and a significant <br />concentration of Vietnamese residents south of Segerstrom Ave. <br />It includes 15 mobile home parks which are predominantly occupied by Vietnamese residents. <br />Many residents are seniors, rely on Section 8 Housing, SSI and SSA to afford their living cost. <br />We believe this configuration best ensures the inclusion and representation of Asian American <br />residents who live in the west end of Santa Ana in accordance with the VRA. These residents <br />need representatives who can speak to them and provide resources in their language, and <br />understands their cultural background and socioeconomic needs. <br />District 3: <br />