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California Newspaper Service Bureau` <br />Public Notice Advertising Since 1934 <br />Tel 1-800-788-7840 Fax 1-800-474-9444 <br />Local Offices and Representatives in: <br />Los Angeles, Santa Ana, San Diego, Riverside/San Bernardir <br />San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento <br />Special Services Available in Phoenix <br />DECLARATION <br />I am a resident of Los Angeles County, over the age of <br />eighteen years and not a party to or interested in the <br />matter noticed. <br />The notice, of which the annexed is a printed copy <br />appeared in the: <br />On the following dates: <br />10/23/2021,10/30/2021 <br />I certify (or declare) under penalty of perjury that the <br />foregoing is true and correct. <br />Dated at Los Angeles, California, this <br />Sth day of November 2021 <br />v�Il�i Cr,,C� <br />IRENE ANDAL <br />Signature <br />3523862 <br />'The only Public Notice which is justifiable <br />from the standpoint of true economy and the public interest, <br />is that which reaches those who are affected by it" <br />RESOLUTION N0, 2021 -WO <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY <br />COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />SANTA ANA, A►v}ENDING AND <br />RESTATING RESOLUTION NO. <br />2021-053AND DECLARING ITS <br />INTENTION TO CONSIDER <br />CHANGES TO BOUNDARY LINES <br />OF WARDS, AND FIXING THE <br />DATE, TIME AND PLACE OF <br />SAID HEARINGS THEREON <br />WHEREAS, In 2020 the federal de- <br />cennkai census was conducted and <br />census data was recently released <br />by the federal government, <br />WHEREASr Pursuant to California <br />Elections Code Section 21621, after <br />the federal decennial census, the <br />City Council shall adopt boundaries <br />of all Council "yards. <br />WHEREAS, Santa Ana Charter Sec- <br />tion 101.4 requires that, before mak- <br />ing any change, modification or rc <br />oli+gnment of word boundaries, the <br />City Council shall pass a resolution <br />declaring its intention to ryttake such <br />change. <br />WHEREAS, The City CaUnril Will <br />set Public Heorinu dotes and loca- <br />tions In which any person having on <br />interest in, Objection to, or sugges- <br />tion regarding the making of <br />changes In ward boundary lines <br />gray appear before the City Council <br />and be heard thereon - <br />WHEREAS, Santa Ana Charter Sec- <br />tion 101,4 provides that the City <br />Council shall direct the Clerk of th€ <br />Council In give notice of said hear- <br />insls by publishing this Resolut-ion <br />once a wee1G for two %,ocks in a <br />nevfsRaper of general circulation in <br />111e C i ty. <br />WHEREAS, an September 21, 2021, <br />the Santa Ana City Council adopted <br />Resolution No. 2021-053 declaring <br />the City Councilrs intention to con- <br />sider changes to boundary lines of <br />words, and fixing the crate, Brine, <br />and place Of said hearings thereran. <br />WHEREAS, a public input work- <br />shop Was held on Saturday, Septem- <br />ber 25, 2021 at 10:0o a.m, at Delhi <br />Center located at 505 E. Central <br />Avenue. <br />WHEREAS, an October 5, 2021, the <br />Santa Ana City Council determined <br />that the first Public Hearing would <br />be held on October 19, 7021 instead <br />Of October Sr 2021, <br />WHEREAS, a public input work- <br />shop was held on Thursday, October <br />7, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. at Pentecostal <br />Church of Cod lasted at 1025 W. <br />MeniGr v Lane, <br />WHEREAS, a public interest work- <br />shop wi15 held on Saturday, October <br />9, 2021 ai 10:00 a.rta. at rile Souitl- <br />West senior Cenler located at 2201 <br />West McFadden Avenue. <br />Nvvv, r r1Cr«rVr<1C, I JIM t_i r T <br />COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SAN- <br />TA ANA RESOLVES AS FOL- <br />LOWS: <br />SECTION 1- The City Council Here- <br />by declares its intention to consider <br />making changes, modifications or <br />rea[ig nmentofward boundariOs. <br />SECTION 2. Public Hearing dates <br />to consider making changes to cur• <br />rent ward boundary tines are here- <br />by scheduled for: October 19, 1021 <br />at 7:00 p-m., November 2, 2021 at <br />7i00 P-M., November 15, 2021 at S:00 <br />Pan., and December 6, 2021 at 5:00 <br />p-m, The first two (2) Public Hear- <br />ings will SKk input regarding posSi- <br />bte changes to the word boundaries <br />before any proposed ward rtiap(s) <br />ore drawn. The next two (2) Public <br />Hearings will seek input regarding <br />the content of the draft rnap(s). The <br />City Council will Consider the intro- <br />duction and first reading of an ordi. <br />nance establishing the new ward <br />boundaries on January 18r 2022. On <br />February 1, 2022, the City Council <br />will consider final adoption of an <br />Ordinance establishins the new <br />ward batanciarles. <br />SE ON <br />3- Additional public input <br />workshop dates have been sched- <br />uled for: Saturday October 23, 2021, <br />1 P.M. - Salgado Recreation Center, <br />706 N. Newhope St, Friday October <br />24, 202L 6 p,m • El Salvador Com- <br />munity COnler, 1825 W. Civic: Center <br />Dr, and Saturday October X 2021, <br />10 o.m.. Mcmorial Community Cen- <br />ter, 2102 S. FIowe r St. <br />SECTION 4. This Resolution <br />amonds and restates Resolution No. <br />2021-053 adapted Sepiurnber 21, <br />2021. <br />SECTION 5- The City Council di. <br />ructs till Clerk of Council to give no- <br />tice of the public hearings and pub- <br />lic in€rut workshops by publishing <br />this Resolution Once a week for two <br />(2) weeks in a newspaper of general <br />circulation. <br />SE ION b. The City Council di- <br />rects staff to work Willi the dernog- <br />rapher and other appropriele con- <br />sultants as needed, to provide a de- <br />tailed analysis of the Citv'scurrent <br />derrlogrbphics and any other infor- <br />motion or data necessary to pre- <br />pare ward re -boundary maps that <br />divides the City into voting wards in <br />a manner consistent with federal <br />and state lows including, but not <br />linliteti to the U.S. Constitution, the <br />California Constitution, the federal <br />voting Rights Act, and the City <br />Charter - <br />SECTION 7. The City Council di- <br />rects staff to establish a nlc:an.s of <br />communication to ans questions <br />from the public regarding hearings <br />dates and to make every effort paS- <br />srble to trpnslaie material and noti- <br />ces in multiple languages, Including <br />Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese and <br />orean- <br />Sect�ion 8. This Resolut€on shall take <br />effect irtimediately upon its adola- <br />#ion by a majority of the City Coun- <br />cil, and file Clerk of the Council <br />shall attest to and certify the vale <br />adoptin+lthis Resolution. <br />ADOPTED this lath day of Octobearr <br />2021. <br />AYES_ Councilrnernbers Bacefro, <br />Hernandez, Lopez, Mendoza, Phan, <br />PCOClo2a, Sarnliento (7) <br />NOES. Counc.[imembeis None (0) <br />� OBSTAIN: Councilmembers None <br />NOT PRESENT: Councilmembers <br />None (0) <br />103, 1 WQ+21 <br />CNS-354862N <br />ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER <br />