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Orozco, Norma <br /> From: Tim Johnson <> <br /> Sent: Tuesday, December 07, 2021 9:08 AM <br /> To: eComment <br /> Cc: Sarmiento, Vicente; Penaloza, David; Phan, Thai; Lopez, Jessie; Mendoza, Nelida; <br /> Bacerra, Phil; Hernandez, Johnathan <br /> Subject: #21- Flower Street Sewer Improvements <br /> As you consider approving agenda item#21 on the Flower Street Main Sewer improvements I urge you to make sure <br /> that while construction is taking place that disruption to the community is minimized including making sure that the <br /> temporary pavement patchwork is not subpar(like we see on other projects currently) and that lane closures are not <br /> kept up overnight or on weekends when project work is not being done. We likely need this project to be completed <br /> but we need to ensure that we start doing these projects in a manner that shows how great our city is. <br /> We have two relatively good sized projects in our city going on right now which has been very disruptive and does not <br /> need to be. Specifically, I would ask that you make changes and require the contractor to utilize better pavement patch <br /> work than what we are seeing on the S Main Street Corridor project and the downtown Street Car project. There will <br /> definitely be a lot of torn up pavement and it will be temporary but our residents deserve to have construction <br /> mate rial/cones/signage put away at night as well as level pavement patch work. Unfortunately, sometimes I think we <br /> have just come to expect that patch work will be done shoddy and it does not have to be that way. Look at our city and <br /> the areas of patchwork that are not level, have potholed, or have mounds of patchwork that creates bumpy road <br /> conditions. I urge you to hold the contractor accountable on this particular project and ask that you make any <br /> changes/requests for this in this particular contract prior to approval. A construction contractors job is to get in and out <br /> as quickly as possible...all too often this means that corners may be cut or pavement be not restored to acceptable <br /> conditions (not by some book but by a driver's expectations) or cones closing down lanes when they are not needed to <br /> be closed overnight or on weekends because it is easier the next day. Please start on this project setting the expectation <br /> that our city deserves the best. <br /> Specifically,with the S Main Street Corridor project,we are seeing poor pavement patch work as well as all too often <br /> lane closures without a need for those lanes to be closed during non-construction time periods especially over <br /> weekends. The pavement work,which likely will be similar to this Flower Street project, has been quite shoddy and <br /> makes for very difficult, if not dangerous, driving and biking conditions. The pavement is patched in a way that can <br /> easily damage cars,their alignment/suspension and their tire conditions. The pavement needs to be patched in a <br /> manner that provides a smoother ride. The patch work is just not up to standards that we would see in other"nicer" <br /> cities and should not be acceptable here in Santa Ana. <br /> Similarlly,the downtown Street Car project has had very poor patchwork at major and important(if not <br /> historic/highlighted) intersections. Take a look at 41"and Broadway which used to be a great example of integrated <br /> pavement and brickwork. It has been tore up for a long time. It now looks very poor yet alone is so bumpy that it is just <br /> not what we should expect. I understand that OCTA will be working on the 4t"Street area for the Streetcar but again, <br /> this has been looking this way for far too long. This area should be restored to its former glory and the city should not <br /> allowed OCTA to leave it, along with other areas,to be in its current dilapidated state for so long-even if temporary. All <br /> too often "temporary' in the construction world has a very drastic different definition than it does for the public. <br /> InI O `1 " : "Tiii Johnson, CPA <br /> u t o m A u m .ow,o r Partner <br /> Proudly part 011ie Fgloba: family (949) 860-9892 <br /> 1 <br />