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SMAI,,,,,,I,,,,,, III U 111 Ili S III: ll L- P III"Ili T <br /> CORPORATIIIO1114 OF ORANGE COUNTY <br /> December 6,2021 <br /> City Manager,Council and Mayor <br /> City of Santa Ana <br /> 20 Civic Center Plaza <br /> Santa Ana,CA 92701 <br /> Dear City of Santa Ana Staff and Elected Officials, <br /> RE: PLEASE SUPPORTTHE CLEAN AND SAFE PROGRAM IN 2022 <br /> THIS LETTER SUPPORTS AGENDA ITEM 15. <br /> The Clean and Safe program is the foundation of Downtown Santa Ana's growth and success. <br /> On average,the Clean Team pulls 90,000+ bags, power washes. 5,800+ panels of sidewalk. <br /> Removes 12,000+stickers, and removes 12,500+graffiti markings from benches, bollards, <br /> parking meters, light poles and fixtures. <br /> This Clean and Safe program is funded by parking revenues to help create a clean and safe <br /> environment for residents,visitors and businesses. Due to parking revenue shortfalls from the <br /> pandemic, our Security Team was partially unfunded in 2021, but is returning as soon as <br /> possible due to critical need as they typically provide an average of 1,900+visitors given <br /> directional assistance and 5,200+calls for security service. <br /> New to the program in 2022 is additional partnership with the City where the Clean and Safe <br /> program will assist community events with cleanup and street closures as well as the addition of <br /> helping maintain the public space parklets created for outdoor dining areas during the <br /> pandemic. <br /> Quarterly Clean and Safe Meetings are held between downtown stakeholders and the City staff <br /> to work on issues and opportunities and review expenses, policies and capital improvements <br /> generated from the parking revenue. <br /> We commend the ongoing work of the Clean and Safe Team and look forward to continuing this <br /> critical program in partnership with the City. <br /> Sincerely, <br /> Michael A. Ocasio <br /> President&CEO <br /> I III l:::»hon&: 714.571.1900 I 271 N Sycarnore Street, Santa Ana, CAS 92701 I Wnrww.sbfdoc.corn <br />