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Orozco, Norma <br /> From: Tim Johnson <> <br /> Sent: Tuesday, December 07, 2021 12:15 PM <br /> To: eComment <br /> Cc: Penaloza, David; Bacerra, Phil; Sarmiento, Vicente; Hernandez, Johnathan; Mendoza, <br /> Nelida; Phan, Thai; Lopez, Jessie <br /> Subject: #4- OCTA Update <br /> Council...tonight you will be receiving an update from OCTA. Obviously,the streetcar is an ongoing project that <br /> hopefully will turn out well in the long run. I think we can all agree that it has been problematic. The construction has <br /> taken quite a bit longer than originally anticipated which is some what to be expected, although no one likes it. I also <br /> understand that during the Holiday season,the streetcar construction may also cease. However, I believe that we need <br /> to get OCTA to do a better job with their contractors making sure that the streets are kept in good shape during <br /> construction even if it is only temporary. The areas around 4t"and Broadway,4t"and Main, Main through Downtown, <br /> Santa Ana Blvd, etc...are a mess and have been for some time. Some of these areas have been torn up for quite some <br /> time now after previously having some underground work being and then paused and then will be worked on again such <br /> as on 4t" and Broadway. However,these temporary pavement patches are not acceptable. I can't imagine that anyone <br /> looking at 4t"and Broadway can say that it is acceptable. That intersection used to be a highlight intersection with a <br /> great mix of pavement with it is a mess. <br /> Can you coordinate with OCTA to ensure that temporary patches are done in an acceptable manner? Can you also <br /> ensure the definition of"temporary' because I believe that there is a major differential on what the public believes <br /> temporary is compared to what OCTA and contractors feel is temporary. The situation that has occurred in downtown <br /> Santa Ana with regards to the Streetcar is not acceptable IMO and definitely would not be acceptable in other cities but <br /> for some reason we just go with the flow here in Santa Ana. Please continue to keep OCTA in line with keeping our <br /> residents and businesses satisfied. <br /> Tirn Johnson, CPA <br /> MROSC111)�(I" , ", Partner <br /> � �� ���,:y���o � ��,��..,��� (949) 860-9892 <br /> Proudly part of qhe Wgllobatfamily A (714) 743-1065 <br /> 9113 l <br /> 2601 Malin S rcece,c ullc 580, 1'viirct,CA 92614 <br /> See our latest business neiA✓s and insights by clicking here <br /> 1 <br />