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Latino Health Access <br /> L.ATIN 7 450 W. Fourth Street, Suite 130 <br /> ljr <br /> HEALTH �„ �� Santa Ana, CA 92701 <br /> 714-542-7792 <br /> <br /> December 7, 2021 <br /> Mayor Sarmiento and City Council Members <br /> City of Santa Ana <br /> 20 Civic Center Plaza <br /> Santa Ana, CA 92701 <br /> RE: Support to adopt Agenda Item 48, Sunshine Ordinance <br /> Latino Health Access has been proudly working alongside community residents for over 27 years <br /> to improve the social determinants of health in our city. We provide services that address <br /> immediate health needs while providing information and facilitating opportunities to increase civic <br /> participation and impact policies that will improve those social determinants in the long term. <br /> Therefore,we are writing in support of the proposed amendments to the Sunshine <br /> Ordinance. <br /> Since its inception, the goal and intent of the City of Santa Ana Sunshine Ordinance have been to <br /> ensure that public information is readily accessible and available to all Santa Ana residents. The <br /> goal and intent of the Sunshine Ordinance have been vital for citizens to address the various <br /> legislative bodies before decisions are made and easy and timely access to public records. This <br /> constructive process invites the public to actively participate in decision-making processes that <br /> affect their lives and wellbeing, while simultaneously promoting an atmosphere of shared <br /> understanding and respect between elected policy-makers and the constituents they represent. <br /> Moreover, studies have shown that an open and transparent government fosters a relationship of <br /> trust among its residents. i As a result, this process facilitates the democratic opportunity for <br /> residents, elected policy-makers, and stakeholders to shape mutually beneficial outcomes for the <br /> City of Santa Ana and its residents. <br /> As such,we support the following amendments to the Sunshine Ordinance: <br /> Sunshine Ordinance Amendments <br /> e Publish City Council Meeting Agendas Seven Days Prior to the Meeting Date <br /> Publishing city council meeting agendas seven days prior to the meeting date would give <br /> Santa Ana residents timely access, information, and opportunities to prioritize city <br /> functions and programs that are important and/or impactful to them. <br /> PREVENTION EDUCATION ACTION <br /> 1. <br />