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Orozco, Norma <br /> From: Lori Karaguezian <> <br /> Sent: Tuesday, December 21, 2021 5:47 PM <br /> To: eComment <br /> Subject: Public Comment <br /> Hello Councilmembers, <br /> I am writing to express my concern about how things went down with the award of the City's trash franchise <br /> agreement. <br /> I was surprised when Council moved away from the staff recommendation to award the contract to Athens. The <br /> reasons Councilmembers provided for their decisions to shift toward Republic Services didn't seem convincing <br /> or compelling to me. During the motion to award,the contract to Republic a Councilmember said that Waste <br /> Management has done a great job for 16 years but it's time for a change. Change for the sake of change is <br /> simply not a good reason. A Councilmember said Republic Services offered great benefits to their employees. <br /> Well, we recently saw how their employees staged a strike so they probably weren't too happy with their <br /> benefits. Another Councilmember said that Republic was the only one whose employees were unionized, but <br /> other bidders had offered to allow their employees to unionize. A truly progressive Council would have jumped <br /> on the opportunity to create more union jobs but you passed on that opportunity which could have been part of <br /> your legacy. Republic wasn't even the most "green" of the options so I simply walked away from watching that <br /> Council meeting unable to understand why Republic Services? I wondered if something else was at play here, <br /> but since I respect and trust this Council and your decisions I didn't go digging until recently at a community <br /> event I observed how chummy a Councilmember was with employees from Republic Services. After that day I <br /> did do some research and I was beyond disappointed to see that a number of Councilmembers had in fact <br /> accepted campaign contributions from Republic Services. <br /> Now I get why you all ignored the great work Waste Management has done for 16 years, I understand why you <br /> ignored how green CR&R is and I see why you ignored staff s recommendation to select Athens. You were <br /> supposed to be better. You were supposed to be different. I took the time to reach out to a couple of you <br /> individually about this matter. Unfortunately, neither of you took the time to reach out to me which solidifies <br /> my belief that you know what you did was unethical. Choosing to award such a hefty and lengthy contract <br /> based on who lined your pockets wasn't what I expected from this Council. I implore you to accept this huge <br /> misstep on your parts and do better by revisiting this matter and choosing the hauler that's best for our residents, <br /> businesses, and City while you still have that opportunity. <br /> Thank you, <br /> Lori Karaguezian <br /> Morning Sunwood resident <br /> i <br />