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Internal Use Only <br />CITY OF SANTA ANA Speaker Called: <br />i- I Translation Requeste :_ <br />REQUEST TO SPEAK ��P� <br />__ IMeeting Date: <br />Members of the public shall be given a total of three (3) minutes to address the City Council on any and all <br />matters contained on Agenda; although, the presiding chair may set a maximum time for comments. <br />Request to Speak cards will not be accepted after the Public Comment session begins without <br />permission of the presiding chair. Contact information may be used by official City staff for follow up; <br />only your name will appear in the official Minutes of this Council Meeting. <br />Please complete a separate card for public hearings. Submit completed card(s) to the Clerk of the Council. <br />I WISH TO SPEAK ON THE FOLLOWING: AGENDA ITEM NO(S): -OR- NON-AGENDIZED ITEM d <br />l In, 1 will need translation services 0 <br />NAME ��� �' ORGANIZATION <br />(if applicable) <br />PHONE NO. E-MAIL ADDRESS <br />HOMEWORK ADDRESS <br />11 CITY ZIP CODE <br />