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INSURANCE NOT REQUIRED N-2023-043 ��e �� <br />L&&%WYWiiWli u6ns r <br />2/2/23 <br />CLERK OF THE COUNCIL <br />SCHEDULE A <br />DATE: FEB 2 8 2023 Accurint for Law Enforcement Plus <br />(Subscription) <br />Customer Name: Santa Ana Police Depart. <br />Billgroup #: ACC-1471730 <br />LN Account Manager: Mark Staniak <br />This Schedule A sets forth additional or amended terms and conditions for the use of the Accurint for Law <br />Enforcement Plus services ("LN Services"), as set forth in the Agreement with LexisNexis Risk Solutions for <br />Subscription to Accurint for Law Enforcement between the City of Santa Ana and LexisNexis Risk Solutions FL <br />Inc. ("LN") with an effective date of July 19, 2022 ("Agreement"), to which this Schedule A is incorporated by <br />reference. Customer acknowledges that the services provided under this Schedule A are non-FCRA services <br />and are not "consumer reports" within the meaning of the FCRA and Customer agrees not to use such reports in <br />any manner that would cause them to be characterized as "consumer reports". <br />1. SCHEDULE A TERM <br />The term of this Schedule A will be 12 months beginning February 1, 2023 and ending January 31. 2024 (the <br />"Term"). Either party may terminate this Schedule A by providing thirty (30) days prior written notice to the other <br />party. If an account is activated after the first day of a calendar month, charges will not be pro -rated. <br />2. FEES: <br />2.1 Minimum Payment: Customer shall pay to LN each month a flat rate commitment in the amount of <br />$2,082.00 (the "Flat Rate Commitment"). The Flat Rate Commitment shall include any fees to be paid by <br />Customer for its access and use of any of the LN Services listed herein. <br />2.2 User ID's: During the Term, Customer shall be granted an unlimited number of Accurint for Law <br />Enforcement Plus User IDS. <br />2.3 Transactional Fees: The attached Price Schedule lists the currently available searches and reports <br />("Features'), as well as their respective prices ("Transactional Fees"). If during any given month Customer's <br />combined actual use of the LN services listed herein ("Actual Use") exceeds $8,328.00 (the "Cap"), LN reserves <br />the right to renegotiate in good faith the amounts payable under this Schedule A. The Flat Rate Commitment <br />includes unlimited access to all Features, excluding those Features identified herein as Excluded Features. <br />2.4 Features Not Included: The following Features ("Excluded Features') are not included in the Flat Rate <br />Commitment and shall in all cases be charged separately according to the pricing specified in the attached Price <br />Schedule. Excluded Features will be disabled when Customer's account is set up. Please contact your account <br />manager at any point to have Excluded Features enabled. <br />Advanced Sexual Offender Search <br />Bankruptcy Docket Sheet <br />Bankruptcy Documents <br />Canadian Phones <br />Comprehensive Healthcare Business & Provider Report <br />Court Search Wizard <br />Dun & Bradstreet Search and Report <br />DE Corporation Search and Report <br />Email Search Premium <br />FCRA Credit Reports <br />Flat Rate Comprehensive Healthcare Business & Provider Report <br />Identity Authenticate <br />Identity Verification <br />Page 1 of 14 Confidential 456484.3v6 <br />Customized Schedule A <br />Accurint for Law Enforcement Plus (Subscription) (Plan 58) <br />Any unauthorized revisions to this Schedule A by Customer after receipt of the final version from LN shall be considered unenforceable, and <br />may void this Schedule A at the option of LN. <br />