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the City Council shall pass a Resolution of Intention so to do, <br />designating the set~ac~ line or lines proposed to h~e established, <br />which Resolution shall be published once in a newspaper pub- <br />lished and circulated in the City and one copy of said Resolu- <br />tion shall be posted conspicuously upon the street in front of <br />each bloc~ or part of block of any street, way or place where <br />such setback line is proposed to be established. Said Resolu- <br />tion shall contain a notice of the day, hour and place when and <br />where any and all persons having any objection to the establish- <br />ment of the proposed setbac~ line or lines may appear and pre- <br />sent such objection. The time of hearing shall not be less than <br />fifteen or more than forty days from the date of the adoption of <br />said Resolution; and the publication and posting shall be made at <br />least ten days before the time of said hearing. <br /> <br />"SECTION 9157. No Building Permit During Proceedings. <br />"After the adoption of said Resolution of Intention, and <br />prior to the time the Ordinance establishing a setback line or <br />lines becomes effective, unless proceedings are abandoned by the <br />Council, no building permit shall be issued for the erection of <br />any building or structure between any proposed setback line and <br /> <br />the street line and Shy permit so issued shall be void. <br /> "SECTION 9158. Protests or Objections. <br /> <br /> "At any time not later than the hour set for hearing objec- <br />tions to the establishment of the proposed setbscE line or <br />lines, any person having any interest in any land upon which <br />said setback line is proposed to be established, may file with <br />the Clerk of the Council, a written protest or objection. Such <br />protest must be in writing and be delivered to said Clerk not <br />later than the hour set for said hearing, and no other protests <br />or objections need be considered. All protestants may appear <br />at said hearing, either i~ person or by counsel, and be heard <br />in support of their protests or objections. At the time set for <br />hearing or at any time to which said ~learing may be continued, <br />the City Council shall proceed to hear and pass upon, all pro- <br /> <br />-2- <br /> <br /> <br />